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Certified Nurse’s Aide Careers in Texas

Clinic CNA  
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Aa a certified nurse’s aide, you will be the most seen individual in the hierarchy of medical care. They are the backbone of any facility. If you are deciding on becoming a CNA in Texas, you might be wondering what career opportunities may be available to you. Nurse Journal gives descriptions of qualifying positions. Before you begin taking classes, read through these five different jobs to see if one would best suit you.

Hospital Certified Nurse’s Aide 

CNAs in hospitals work on the floor in tandem with the nurses who care for the patients. Each CNA will be responsible for a certain number of beds during their shift. In a hospital a CNA can expect to perform duties like: 

  • Monitoring patient’s vital signs 
  • Turning and positioning patients 
  • Assisting with transfersbetween the bed, to wheelchair, to toilet and back. 
  • Assisting patients with other concerns 

CNA pay increases on specialty floors and they can even train to be a part of a surgical team. Eventually, CNAs who have proved themselves trustworthy can train to become a Medication Aide. These aides will be able to give medications while working under nurses in certain Texas facilities. 

Nursing Home CNA 

One of the most rewarding jobs a CNA can have is caring for the people who no longer can care for themselves. Careers in nursing homes can lead to administrative positions within the facility. CNAs in nursing homes are responsible for residents’ health and wellbeing. You can perform jobs like: 

  • Cleaning, feeding, and bathing residents 
  • Providing hydration 
  • Keeping resident’s rooms clutter-free 
  • Transferring residents to toileting facilities 
  • Helping residents attend social events 

In Texas, a certified nurse’s aide can train to administer medications to a certain extent. The nurse who works the floor will also have jobs for the CNA, collecting vital signs, or remembering to dress the resident in something nice for a family gathering. The role of a CNA in the nursing home is very diverse. 

Nursing homes are a unique place to work due to their variety of residents. A CNA who chooses to interact with the residents more may be able to learn small tidbits of history. The reward of a smile when you first walk into the room during shift change is the best thing about a nursing home CNAs job. 

Home Health Care CNA 

Patients who require care in the comfort of their home are often cared for by home health CNAs. Home Health CNAs do more than make sure the patient is clean and can move around the home safely. They can be responsible for tasks like: 

  • Preparing and serving meals 
  • Bathing 
  • Light housework like laundry and dishes 
  • Grooming needs like shaving and brushing hair 
  • Drive to appointments 
  • Lastly, socializing 

The goal of a home health CNA is to make sure the patient has the care they need while they are in their homes. These CNAs often interact with the patient’s friends and family. Often the CNA runs errands like getting medications from the pharmacy, attending hair or nail appointments, and shopping for groceries. 

Government Facilities CNAs 

This job actually ranges from working in Veteran Nursing Homes to State Clinics. There are many positions available to work in government facilities. A certified nurse’s aide may find a position at: 

  • Veteran Hospital – caring for inpatients 
  • Military Hospitals – assisting with military personnel’s medical needs 
  • Local public health agencies 
  • Federally funded agencies like the Indian Health Service 

Most often the work a Government CNA will do is working closely with the patient to assist in movement and transfers, feeding, vital signs, and cleansing. Medication CNAs will be able to assist the nurse over them in administering medications and applying creams as directed. Government jobs vary widely, much like civilian jobs. The pay and benefits of the government positions are a little bit more competitive because of the federal funding. 

Clinic CNA   

A certified nurse’s aide is taking an elderly patient’s vitals.

Urgent care and acute care clinics hire CNAs to assist with the patient flow, especially during the busy seasons. This CNA will be responsible for: 

  • Cleaning rooms after patients 
  • Taking vital signs 
  • Assisting with minor procedures 
  • Administering medications under the direction of the physician 
  • Applying light dressings like band-aids 

Additional training can elevate a CNA in this type of facility. Specialty clinics hire CNAs with the proper training and certifications to draw blood for lab tests and perform electrocardiograms. Working in a clinic as a CNA can be rewarding because you will be helping people on some of their worst days feel better. 

Unusual Certified Nurse’s Aide Jobs 

You may look into a position at a physician’s office, a school, or even as a private sitter. Your job description will be based on what your physician needs. You could be doing tasks like: 

  • Cleaning rooms 
  • Taking inventory 
  • Answering phones 
  • Home health duties 
  • Making appointments 
  • Calling parents 
  • Lastly, assisting the school nurse with medication administration 

No matter the duties assigned, you will be trained in what is expected of a CNA in this situation. You can be a personal sitter for a patient to provide social, medical, and mental well-being. Whether you are the first and last person a patient sees in a doctor’s office or a home health CNA, each role is important. 

Find Certified Nurse’s Aide Careers in Texas 

There are many more positions that can be found for a CNA to pursue. Before you go on to apply for the job which you like the most, you will need certification as a CNA. Take the steps to work toward a rewarding career and gather the knowledge and experience you need to get your career started. 

At Southern Careers Institute you will be trained to qualify for your CNA certification and your CPR certification. Our instructors will help you develop your skills, and teach you about restorative services, and personal care. 

If you are interested in learning how to start your courses you can fill out the request information form. SCI admission representatives can walk you through every step of enrolling in SCI including a campus tour, course scheduling, and financial aid. For immediate assistance please call 1-833-SCI-TEXAS. 

This article was published on: 05/10/22 1:23 AM

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