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Tips to Look Better to Employers

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3 Quick Tips to Look Better to Employers Now

A whopping 92% of recruiters look through an applicant’s social feed prior to scheduling an interview (Jobvite). Do you have the top ‘red flags’ hiring managers look for on your Facebook feed? Watch to find out as well as quick tips to look better to employers right now.


This week we’re talking about employers creeping on your social. YES, this is happening.

You know how stressful the job hunt is. And after a hard week of interviews and call-backs you cut loose at your friend’s birthday party and when the pics are up, maybe you’re tagged and looking like you’re having uh,a little TOO much fun? Did your recruiter see that photo? 

We turned to the smarties at the American Genius and Jobvite to find out. 

In a word…YES. 

Whatever you are willing to put out there on social media is accessible by anyone at anytime. It is difficult for an employer/recruiter to resist looking at an applicant’s social media feed, practically making it a part of the process. 

A whopping 92% of Recruiters look through social media feeds of the applicant applying for the jobs that are open. The infographic from the 2015 Recruiter Nation Study found that what they look for can be broken down into nine categories. Their feelings towards each category are represented in percentages of either positive, negative, or neutral. The TOP NEGATIVE feelings that recruiters had towards social profiles were….Spelling or grammatical errors in posts or tweets (72% negative) and reference to marijuana use. (75% negative)

SO, in summary, what are 3 quick things YOU CAN DO NOW to make yourself look better towards employers?

1. Make sure your auto-correct is on

for iPhone and Android phones. Link in the show-notes for how to do this. On a computer, I swear by Grammarly, it checks your spelling and grammar and it’s a plug-in for your browser–it’s easy.

2. Un-tag yourself from any photos that have any semblance of a vape, pipe, bowl…

you DON’T want to be getting choked up having the “But it wasn’t mine” discussion with a potential employer. Yuck. While you’re at it, it would be safe to remove anything sexually explicit or specifically related to alcohol consumption. 54% of recruiters felt negatively towards it.

3. Lastly, you could just UPDATE YOUR PRIVACY settings

to make sure you’re showing only to close friends / family. If you’re interested in going off the public grid, I’ll post a link in the show notes. Peruse your social feeds through the lens of a future employer. Would YOU hire you? That’s all from SCItv for now. Do you have suggestions for what you’d like to see? Post in the comments below and subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss an episode. Thanks so much and BYE from SCI.

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