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Kinds of Financial Aid

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Get Financially Fit

Beach bodies and rock-hard abs are nice, but it REALLY pays to get FINANCIALLY FIT. If you know you are meant for a better career, but don’t think you can afford it, don’t sweat it! You got options. In the time it takes to warm up at the gym, we’ll simplify the different kinds of financial aid. Enjoy!

Starring: Kasey, our admissions representative at SCI Austin as T, the Dairy Princess.

Transcribed below.


A: “Wow, girl, I need break.”

T: “Me too. From my dead-end job that is. I can’t keep workin’ at Dairy Princess. Plus, I gotta workout twice as long to work off all the Freezies I eat.

A: I hear that. Well, you know you can go back to school.

T: School’s EXPENSIVE, tho. I can’t afford it.

A: Have you NOT heard about financial aid? If you qualify, they could save you thousands off tuition. And some you don’t have to pay back.

T: Really? Which ones?

A: I’ll start with the Pell Grant. You’ll find out how you qualify for that by filling out FAFSA. I’ll tell you after we run these Fabulous SCItv Opening Credits…

T: Bless You.

Thanks, but that’s not a sneeze, FAFSA stands for “Free Application for Federal Student Aid.” You definitely want to fill that out to qualify for other types of government grants. T: Woah, so by filling out that form, I’ll get access to free money?A: Yeah! But hold on, that’s not the only way…The next are Institutional Grants. SCI offers a lot of different types of grants that are exclusive to us like our

Financial Literacy Grant. SCI sets aside some cash to help you pay for the cost of school If you meet the requirements and commit to continuous enrollment.

T: So as long as I complete school, SCI will give me a break off tuition?

A: In many cases, YES. And hey…isn’t your dad in the army?

T: Yeah, but what does that have to do with school?

A: That might save you up to $2K off of your tuition if you qualify for SCI’s Military Grant. It’s open to spouses and dependents.

T: Well I’ve always been daddy’s little girl…

A: And what would make him REALLY happy is if his little girl saved on her post-high school education by applying for the Career Opportunity Grant. This one’s a big one–could take $4K off the total tuition costs if you qualify.T: Wow that’s awesome! But what if I STILL can’t afford it after all that?

A: Well, there’s also our Need Based grant that is dependent on your income, transfer credits, and like all of them, some programs and start dates may not be eligible. The only way to know is to get in touch with an admissions rep.

Also, I should probably tell you…

[Looks into the camera and reads insanely quickly]: Grants are available for those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of our students and other important consumer information, please visit Certain grant recipients must be of a minimum legal immigration status and must possess a High School Diploma/GED from the U.S. For more information, please visit

A: [Takes a huge breath] Whew, I’m exhausted. [Wipes with towel, throws it to T who looks grossed out and drops it].

T: Me too a good workout in, but that grant stuff is really no sweat at all. Ah, shoot, Dairy Princess just texted me. I’m gonna reach out to a rep ASAP.

A: Does that mean no more Freezies discounts?

T: Afraid not.

A: That’s cold, T, that’s cold. But…And my love handles thank you. I love that you’re bettering your career.

Did you enjoy? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more!

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