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Why Online HVAC Classes Are Wasting Your time?

Indoor Comfort

Your heating, your air conditioning, your air quality – it is through the knowledge and work of an HVAC technician that people can enjoy indoor comfort any time of year. HVAC installers and technicians work with heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to control the temperature and air quality in homes and other buildings.

HVAC technicians are needed just about anywhere – businesses, homes, schools, hospitals, or factories. Because the systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, the need for well-educated and experienced HVAC technicians is more necessary than ever before.

Becoming an HVAC Technician

While there are many vocational schools that offer training for HVAC, you should make sure the one you choose is accredited. Most programs take between six and 12 months to complete, depending on the range and depth of information in your classes.

After you have successfully completed your program, you will need to take the Texas certification test which ensures that you have gained a certain level of knowledge to perform the tasks required of an HVAC technician. There are two organization that offer national certifications: the Environmental Protection Agency and the North American Technicians Excellence. While there is not a single standard certification for HVAC in the United States, most businesses recognize the two groups above.

Finally, you will also need to complete your apprenticeship, which could take up to four years to finish. This ensures you have the real-world skills that every HVAC technician needs.

Obtaining your HVAC certification has numerous benefits. It can help you open doors to more HVAC opportunities, earn a higher salary, and offer the ability to specialize in different areas, such as small appliances or commercial refrigeration systems.

What About an Online Education?

With the increasing advent of computer technology, many schools offer online HVAC classes. These schools can be attractive to students due to their possibly more affordable tuition and the ability to learn no matter where you live.

While some programs are more conducive to online studies, online HVAC classes may not be your best interest. First, a huge challenge is the lack of student and instructor engagement. Although you can communicate with your instructor and fellow students online, you will miss out on the ability to ask questions in real-time, have demonstrations that show precisely how to complete tasks, or discuss current topics within the industry in a natural manner.

Next, to be successful in online studies, you need to be a master of self-discipline. Although online HVAC classes offer great flexibility, you need to be able to harness that flexibility to complete your coursework. Some students need the push of face-to-face interaction to thrive academically. Do you know which style of learning is better for you?

Finally, in online studies, you have far fewer opportunities to practice your classroom learning with constant hands-on experience. Although you may have an externship which will help, you do not have access to reliable and frequent help that you get with a true classroom experience.

Say Yes to Southern Careers Institute (SCI)

SCI offers an HVAC technician program at their San Antonio North and Harlingen campuses. Students who attend full-time basis typically complete the program within 48 weeks.

You will learn about different cooling and heating systems used in the industry, and have training about troubleshooting equipment issues. Specific courses include motors and controls, heating and ventilation, review, certification, and employment training.

Register today to begin your journey towards a fulfilling career.


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