SCI Harlingen Student Ambassadors - SCI Texas

Why I Love SCI Texas

Southern Careers Institute student ambassadors really know how to work and play hard. Each campus representative chooses a select few to make learning more fun for their fellow students. See why they LOVE SCI Texas and learn more about the campuses from which they came.

SCI Austin

  • Nicolette - MA - SCITexas

    Nicolette – Medical Assistant – SCI Austin

  • “I love SCI because I can work towards my goal of becoming an MA in a positive, motivating, welcoming environment. The staff are amazing. I have fun while learning, which makes it easy to come. SCI is definitely One of the best decisions I have made. I love SCI Texas because my peers and the faculty believe in me. Plain and simple; it’s the best feeling in the world.”
  • “What I love the most are the instructors and how they teach, they make every lesson fun and interesting. I love how short the program is and how it just flies by. I love how SCI is a school on the outside but on the inside you can tell that the people here put their heart into everything that they do. This is why I LOVE SCI.”
  • Keshia - Medical Assistant - SCI Texas

    Keshia – Medical Assistant – SCI Austin

“The instructors and staff motivate students to reach their goals by providing additional help and support such as mentors and tutoring during and outside class hours. Not to mention that SCI offers programs such as Pharmacy Technician, Welding, Medical Billing and Coding and more. In the end if you want to succeed and further your education, come to Southern Careers Institute!”Jenifer - Medical Billing & Coding - SCI Austin

SCI Corpus Christi

SCI Corpus Christi Student Ambassadors - SCI Texas
  • Cynthia - Pharmacy Technician - SCI Corpus Christi - SCI Texas

    Cynthia – Pharmacy Tech – SCI Corpus Christi

  • “There are so many reasons I love Southern Careers Institute but my main one is receiving so much knowledge and care from our instructors; they go above and beyond for us. Plus, SCI has very strong community outreach. [I watched] SCI coming together to help others during Hurricane Harvey and providing presents for families in need.” 
  • “I love SCI because each day is an opportunity to bring out the best in people!”

    -Wayne “Scott” Greene

  • Wayne "Scott" Greene - Director of Education - SCI Corpus Christi - SCI Texas

    Wayne Greene – Director of Education – SCI Corpus Christi

SCI Harlingen

SCI Harlingen Student Ambassadors - SCI Texas
“I love SCI because I feel that we are more of a family than an institution. The instructors and staff … provide you with so much hands-on experience, great one-on-one support, and will contact you regularly to keep you up to date. [SCI Texas] has changed my life very quickly and for the better.”Daniel - HVAC - SCI Harlingen
“Going back to school can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. But as I began attending Southern Careers Institute, I found the motivation and drive I needed to face each obstacle head on with renewed resolve. The staff, faculty and even other students all pull together to help you succeed. I look onward with sunglasses, as I know my future will be the brightest I have ever seen.”Melissa - Medical Billing & Coding - SCI Harlingen

SCI Pharr

SCI Pharr Student Ambassadors
  • Jennifer - Medical Assistant - SCI Pharr - SCI Texas

    Jennifer – Medical Assistant – SCI Pharr

  • “I love SCI Texas because SCI has given me the opportunity to set academic goals for myself and surpass those goals beyond measure. The motivating staff and the positive atmosphere encourage me [to] be a better version of myself and will give me the opportunity to say “I got the job!”’

SCI San Antonio North

SCI Pharr Student Ambassadors
SCI Texas is student oriented in every aspect. The school is driven [by] keeping students on a successful career path and instructors are very goal-oriented with their students.
Desirae - Pharmacy Tech - SCI San Antonio North

SCI San Antonio South

  • “I love SCI Texas because we provide students an opportunity to change their lives for the better.”

    -Albert Huang

  • Albert Huang - SCI San Antonio South - SCI Texas

    Albert Huang – Gen Ed Instructor – SCI San Antonio South

  • Maria - Medical Assistant - SCI San Antonio South - SCI Texas

    Maria – Medical Assistant – SCI San Antonio South

  • “SCI Texas is giving me a chance at starting my second career. My dream of being in the Medical Field is being made possible by having these wonderful, smart, ambitious teachers devoting their time in teaching us and getting us ready for the real world. Thanks SCI!

Want to be a SCI Texas student ambassador? Email us at [email protected]. Tell us how you would support your school community!