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Why and Why Not to Go to a Corpus Christi Community College

Corpus Christi community colleges can seem like a great option for students who want to continue their education, expand their employment opportunities, and receive additional preparation before entering the job market. Although community college certainly has several advantages, it is not without its share of disadvantages, too. Consider the following before arriving at a decision about what would be best for you.




College Experience at a Fraction of the Cost

Four-year colleges are beyond the financial capabilities of many people. However, studying at a Corpus Christi community college costs around half as much as a traditional university, which can make it possible for students to either achieve an associate’s degree or transfer after two years to complete their bachelor’s degree.


Chance Expand Your General Knowledge

If you enroll at a community college, you will be required to take courses in a various subjects. This can be ideal for those who are unsure about what field they want to pursue as well as those who just want to increase their understanding in a number of topics.


Flexible Schedule

Many community colleges offer part-time courses at night for students who have other commitments. Plus, workload is typically much lower than at universities. Both factors make finding the time to study much more feasible.



Slow Path to a Career Change and Income Increase

A community college program is still time-consuming — associate’s degrees require at least two years of education. This can feel like a long wait for students who want to begin earning soon to support themselves.


Still Expensive

Tuition fees are just one cost you will face when studying at a Corpus Christi community college. You will also need to pay for books and supplies, as well as room and board if you are unable to live with parents — and all this without the capability to work full time.


No Clear Career Path

When you graduate from community college, you will be equipped with general knowledge and basic reading, writing, math, and communication skills, but you may feel unclear about where to go next. Courses rarely prepare students for a specific career, and you may need work entry-level jobs to gain experience in the workplace, gradually moving up as opportunities present themselves.


A good solution for many students can be to attend a vocational school in Corpus Christi instead. This has the benefits of shorter program lengths, lower costs, and preparation for a career where workers are in high demand. Plus, vocational schools are still much less expensive than four-year colleges and most offer programs during the evenings or weekends to fit around your work or family life. Check out the courses available to find one that suits your interests, passions, and career goals.

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