Who to Follow in the Medical Field: Miss Geekly Chic

“Medicine is my husband, Makeup is my soulmate, Louis Vuitton is my Mistress”

The above is the tagline on Eloisa Olmos, aka, Miss Geekly Chic’s YouTube channel description. A medical field veteran of over 10 years as a medical assistant gives Eloisa Olmos a ton of expertise. She loves “geeking out” over the things in life, and that includes getting yourself educated. She details her student experience, her medical assistant externship and how she got started in the medical field here in this video.

New video alert! How I became a medical assistant and my first job. Link in my Instagram bio.

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Who She’s For:

Those who might want to pursue a career the medical field, fashionistas as well as fashionistos, makeup-junkies and cosmetology enthusiasts.   

Why You’ll Subscribe:

Eloise is authentic and always on-the-go as a hospital MA in Chicago, and she shares her insider tips, tricks, and favorite products to make her work days more efficient, fun, and just plain fancy.

Don’t leave before seeing:

Her Instagram account, @MissGeeklyChic. If you’re a fan of lovely lifestyle layouts. Eloisa’s instagram is LV planner placed just so alongside her pink stethoscope and patterned scrubs is enough to make any medical assistant accessories addict ‘double-tap’ with delight. 

This if Part 2 of a 3 Part Series on Medical Field Social Influencers. We will be releasing the next influencers in the coming week. Want to get inspired and learn more about career paths that are right for you? Like & Follow our Facebook page.