Who to Follow in the Medical Field: Manda the CMA

Ahh, YouTube. Great for procrastination, study breaks, and for turning minutes thanks to the magic of the oh-so-addicting auto-play. But what if you could put your social binging to work for you in the medical field? Or rather, follow influencers in your industry that could help you in your quest to work in the medical field? Thankfully, we pulled together 5 seriously savvy social media mavens that give an inside look and pro tips on what medical field work looks and feels like on a day-to-day basis.

Manda the CMA

Who She’s For:

Those interested in getting into or are already currently in the medical field looking to further develop skills, specialize, or find a medical assistant job.

Why You’ll Subscribe:

Manda’s quirky sense of humor is surpassed only by her deep passion of sharing her knowledge and experience being a certified medical assistant.

Sneak Preview:

“You Know You’re a Medical Assistant When…”

…you can translate doctor’s handwriting and shorthand seamlessly.

…you wear pajamas to work but you’d rather wear yoga pants instead.

If that doesn’t elicit a laugh-cry emoji, you probably don’t belong in the medical field.

Don’t leave before seeing:

Her Resume Checklist!

This if Part 1 of a 3 Part Series on Medical Field Social Influencers. We will be releasing the next influencers in the coming week. Want to get inspired and learn more about career paths that are right for you? Like & Follow our Facebook page.