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Which Colleges Of Cosmetology In Texas Are Accredited?

What is Accreditation?

When looking around at colleges of cosmetology in Texas for your education, you may see that some are accredited. But what exactly does this word mean? Why should you care if your school is accredited?

Accreditation is a procedure by the United States government that recognizes the quality education that certain schools provide. Certain agencies evaluate schools via a standardized process. Schools receive ratings based on specified criteria, such as curriculum, supplies, facilities, student support, rate of licensing, and job placement rate. Although each school has its own particular curriculum for cosmetology, accreditation indicates to prospective students that their program has passed the requirements meaning that they will be able to gain the skills and knowledge they need to be prepared for employment in their particular field.

The National Accreditation Committee of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) is the accreditation agency that evaluates the educational adequacy of colleges of cosmetology in Texas. In addition to evaluating new schools, the NACCAS also re-evaluates currently accredited schools every six years to make sure they still meet the standards for accreditation. Across the United States, there are more than 1,300 cosmetology schools that are accredited.

Which colleges of cosmetology in Texas are accredited? Here are a few to discover.

Southern Careers Institute (SCI)

The Cosmetology Operator program at SCI gives students with the opportunity to demonstrate and express their creativity through their technical skills. In addition to hair cutting and design, students will learn about safety and sanitation, skin care, nail care, salon management, and customer service. Externships under the supervision of a qualified instructor allow students to practice and complement their classroom learning.

The curriculum for the program at SCI meets the requirements established by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, and aims to prepare students to become licensed by passing the state exam.

SCI’s program is designed to be completed within 50 weeks.

The job placement rate for the year 2013-2014 is 100% for students who successful completed the program.

Delmar College

At Delmar College, you will learn the fundamentals of cosmetology, including hair cutting and styling, hair and scalp treatments, skin care, sanitation, as well as how to apply chemical treatments. Under the supervision of qualified instructors, you will get to practice your learning on actual clients in retail settings. After completing 1500 hours in total, you will be eligible to sit for the licensing exam.

Franklin Beauty School

With over 100 years of teaching students the skills needed for cosmetology, Franklin Beauty School has a long history of providing quality training.

In their 1500 hours of required training, students receive extensive classroom and hands-on experience in many areas of cosmetology, including hair braiding and weaving, styling, chemical treatments, and salon management.

Look for Accreditation

Not all cosmetology schools are created equal. When determining which Texas beauty school to attend, look for ones that are accredited, such as SCI, to ensure you are receiving the best education for your time and money.

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