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Where The Nail Technician School Fails, Can Another Tech School Florish?


To feel beautiful and pampered, many people schedule manicures and pedicures. The people who do these tasks, called nail technicians, work in salons and spas, and perform different tasks in nail care. First, they remove any existing nail polish from the nails, and then soak a client’s nails to soften them. Nail technicians will clean hands and feet using a variety of tools, such as pumice stones, scrub brushes, and more. They will treat the cuticles by pushing them back, trimming, and then moisturizing them. Nails will also be trimmed, and sometimes clients will enjoy a hand or foot massage. Nail technicians also offer advice regarding nail health and proper care.

To add an element of fashion and fun, clients can choose polish for painting. If they want something more unique, clients can ask for specialty services such as nail extension or nail art.

Nail technicians must also keep work stations and equipment clean and sanitized, set appointments, and maintain inventory.


How Do You Become a Nail Technician?

Training at a nail technician school will give you all of the training you need to work as a nail technician professional. You can find such programs at community colleges and vocational schools. You can earn a certificate from a nail technician school that is dedicated solely to nail care and technology.

In your program, you will learn from a combination of lectures and hands-on training. Subjects include nail design, nail health, various conditions and disorders, nail treatments, artificial nail application and repair, nail art, as well as safety and sanitation.


What about Cosmetology?

Because you are learning about only one facet of beauty, programs at a nail technician school tend to be shorter than other beauty training programs, such as cosmetology. Cosmetologists may perform manicures and pedicures, but they also do a lot more. They can wash, cut, color, and style hair, perform basic makeup application, deal with facials and other skin care treatments, plus more. They also must maintain a safe and sanitary salon environment.

Both nail technicians and cosmetologists must be great communicators, offer stellar customer service, and be able to stand on their feet for long periods of time. A main difference between the two is that being a nail technician is a niche market. What happens when the demand for nail art decreases, even temporarily? The number of clients you have would lessen, and your income would diminish with no fallback plan. However, cosmetology not only offers you the knowledge you need to thrive in your niche market, but also other skills you can apply to make your clients happy and to ensure your livelihood flourishes no matter the economic conditions.


Career Options

Obtaining education as a nail technician is certainly a viable choice if you want a career in fashion and working with people. However, if you want nail training, and more, consider cosmetology at Southern Careers Institute. Not only can you find work as a nail technician, but you could also become a hairstylist, salon manager, beauty product sales representative, and more.


Given the plethora of careers associated with cosmetology, why limit yourself to just one? Register today and enjoy everything that the world of cosmetology has to offer.

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