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What’s So Great About Accredited Colleges?

You want to improve your employment options, earn more money, and work in a job that you love — but college may not necessarily be the way to go. Before you decide to enroll in classes, consider these disadvantages of accredited colleges.


1. Degree Programs Take Years

Gaining a bachelor’s degree requires at least four years of study. During this time, you could be earning and gaining experience, which would quickly give you an advantage of graduates who are fresh out of college.


2. College Education Lacks Some Essential Skills

At college, there is an emphasis on acquiring knowledge rather enhancing practical skills, creativity, innovation, and individuality. All of the above are particularly important for work as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or in a startup and virtually all jobs require employees to use their skills to create value. Simply knowing the theory behind a concept, on the other hand, is close to useless.


3. You Will Likely Graduate in Debt

In 2015, the average student will graduate with just over $35,000 of debt. Plus, college debt per individual is increasing every year; in fact, it has doubled in the last 20 years. This means you may be spending years working just to pay off your debt, often taking whatever work is available rather than pursuing your dreams.


4. Being Overqualified Is a Risk

After graduating from college, you will want to find a job as soon as possible. However, you may find that you are at a disadvantage purely because of your qualification. If an employer perceives you as overqualified, he or she may be hesitant to hire you, knowing that you will move on as soon as a better opportunity comes around. This can make supporting yourself challenging, especially when the economy is suffering.

If you are seeking a position that does not even require a degree (such as in trade, health care support, beauty, or clerical work) you will always be at a disadvantage when up against less qualified candidates. In these cases, it’s better to receive your training elsewhere.


5. College Is a Waste of Time

No matter your major, if you attend an accredited college, you will be required to take additional classes in subjects that have no relevance to your career.


If you are looking to start in your new career quickly, and without accumulating a mountain of debt beforehand, there are much better options than attending accredited colleges. Research how you can study for a well-paid job in just a few months by gaining the certifications and training you need for your dream career.

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