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Want to Learn More? Southern Careers Institute Can Help

Want to Learn More? Southern Careers Institute Can Help


Southern Careers Institute knows how difficult it can be to break into the workforce without the right training. With that in mind, SCI offer the very best classes and programs to its students, guaranteed to make the transition from education to employment a painless one!

With some of the best certifications available and boasting some of the highest graduation rates in the area, SCI provide students with supportive and caring staff that are dedicated to the success and happiness of their students.


Your Choice of Campus

Offering a range of classes and training at seven different campuses across Texas, SCI is constantly working to accommodate its students. SCI currently have fully-operational campuses in Austin, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Pharr, and two campuses in San Antonio (North and South).

Each SCI campus offer the same or similar programs, so it is only a matter of choosing your most suitable location before you start your journey to a rewarding and lasting career.



While some trade schools offer training without accreditation, SCI offer certifications in a wide variety of professional career training and educational programs. Every certification earned through SCI is up-to-the-minute and in very high demand in their respective job markets.

The SCI Edge comes from harnessing the demands of the jobs market and designing all of its courses, training, and certifications to best suit each market – training students to the high standards expected by employers.

Every tailor-crafted and certified program promises to prepare students for the jobs market by supplying them with all of the essential career skills and nationally-recognized certifications needed to stand out from the crowd.

The high degree of dedication provided by staff means that students learn more Southern Careers Institute, and are rewarded as such.



SCI hold exclusive externship partnerships with a number of highly reputable businesses and organizations in a selection of professional fields and industries.

SCI is dedicated to providing students with only the very best hands-on training and only offer externships that can successfully hone the training and skills already learned during classes and tutorials. With SCI externships, students’ trade training will be one of the most beneficial components of their education as the focus is always set on obtaining usable and marketable career skills. During their externships, students truly do learn more Southern Careers Institute.


Education and Graduation

Each and every professional career training and educational program offered at SCI can proudly state and 80% or higher graduation rate. This is due to the high degree of focus and dedication provided by SCI staff that is then passed on to each student. SCI also hold some of the highest post-graduation employment rates in the majority of programs and training courses compared to similar schools and institutes.

SCI boast some of the highest graduation rates in many programs including medical, trade, and business fields, because SCI staff are dedicated to providing continued support and guidance to students entering the workforce.

SCI staff are all highly-trained and educated individuals with years of experience in their fields. You can expect professional, insightful, and engaging lessons from every lecture and tutorial, delivered with passion and wisdom.



Once enrolled in your chosen SCI program, it only takes a moment to realize that SCI really stands out as the best choice for those individuals who wish to receive the best education and training available.

If you’d like to learn more Southern Careers Institute, and the great programs it offers, simply browse the rest of the SCI site and start your journey to achieve a lasting and rewarding career.


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