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UTB Brownsville: Does Your Personality Match your Campus?

If you ask Brownsville residents why they’re proud of their city, few will hesitate to mention the university. UTB Brownsville has long provided valuable skills and opportunities to Brownsville residents and others from all over the state. Just because it is a great university, however, does not make it right for you. Before you send in your application, you must decide whether you are a:

University Student

As a public university with a focus on the liberal arts, sciences, and education, UTB Brownsville is ideal for those who have a passion for learning and research. Many of the school’s programs are open-ended, giving students autonomy in how they choose to explore the subjects they study. While this can be daunting for students who are used to following instructions, if you’re willing to take charge and come up with new ideas, it is incredibly empowering. UTB Brownsville gives you the opportunity to advance the frontier of human knowledge, and if you have a knack for this in undergrad, you can continue as a graduate student.

To be an ideal UTB Brownsville student, you cannot be too career-focused. This is not to say that the university does not prepare you for a career. Indeed, like all liberal arts graduates, UTB alumni often do well in the labor market, especially if they major in fields geared toward the professions. It does, however, mean that you must see education as an end in itself, and not merely a means to getting into a lucrative career. If you’re willing to invest three to four years and tens of thousands of dollars to expand your mind, this is the school for you. If not, you’d be better off as a:

Vocational Student

Brownsville has no shortage of quality vocational schools, or colleges that focus on quickly teaching skills with a clear market value. The Southern Careers Institute in Brownsville, for example, offers diploma programs in Administrative Assistance, Cosmetology, Business Accounting, Computer Support, Medical Assistance, Medical Billing and Coding, and Medical Office Administration– all skills in high demand among employers. Fields such as these not only offer high initial wages, but also the opportunity for significant wage growth if you show a strong talent for the job. With this kind of training, you can quickly get a job that will provide financial security while allowing you to make a difference in the world.

To say that vocational school students see learning as a means to an end is not to imply that they don’t have a passion for knowledge. Rather, they love to learn, but are highly practical about what kind of learning you invest in. They spend time and money on learning the specific skills they need for a job, and thus pay less overall– a trade school diploma usually costs less than $20,000 and takes less than 9 months to earn. Trade school students also tend to prefer hands-on learning to academic study. Whereas UTB Brownsville students spend much of their time reading and discussing books, trade school students must perform simulations of job skills or get direct work experience through internships.

A liberal arts education is not better or worse than a vocational one; it’s just different. Whether you should attend UTB Brownsville or a trade school depends entirely on who you are and what your goals are. For more information on finding an academic and career path that is right for you, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.


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