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Tradesman vs. CDL Training Schools: Harlingen TX

What’s a better career move: becoming a tradesman or studying at one of the CDL training schools Harlingen TX? Click here to find out.

There are pros and cons to every job, and understanding the various advantages and disadvantages before committing yourself to a career will allow you to make an informed decision for your future. Before you begin researching CDL training schools Harlingen TX, compare a trucking career to that of a tradesman.

CDL Training Schools Harlingen TX


  • Every day is a chance to travel and, whereas you may not see much of the states you visit, you’ll be constantly exposed to changing scenery.
  • As a truck driver in Harlingen, you can expect to earn $16.68 per hour, or $34,700 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • Most truck driving jobs offer employees a range of benefits, including medical coverage, marriage counseling, free Internet access, and accommodation, while on the road.
  • There is a growing need for truck drivers, with an expected employment increase of 11 percent between 2012 and 2022, reports the BLS.


  • Truckers work incredibly long hours, driving during the day and night. The several hours off you will receive each day are for eating and sleeping. You’ll be away from home for several weeks, returning just for a couple days at a time, which this may mean missing family functions and social events.
  • Truckers spend most of their time alone, communicating with others only by phone.
  • Trucking work is never-changing and repetitive; it involves little more than driving. The majority of truckers make long-haul routes, but if you are able to be one of the lucky few to make local routes and return home every few days, you will be likely to find driving the same roads every day tiresome.

HVAC and Welding Careers


  • Both welders and HVAC technicians can expect good job security due to a constant need for their services. Predicted job growth is 6 percent for welders and 21 percent for HVAC technicians between 2012 and 2022, according to the BLS.
  • HVAC technicians in Harlingen make, on average, $16.22 per hour, or $33,730 per year, and welders $12.48 per hour, or $25,960 per year, reports the BLS.
  • Tradesmen usually receive a wide range of benefits in addition to their pay, including health insurance for the whole family, a pension plan, and sometimes even car insurance.
  • There is high job satisfaction among tradesmen, especially after completing a complex job. You will have the chance to specialize in an area you feel passionate about, which may even lead to an opportunity in a foreign country.


  • During busy seasons, tradesmen may have a lot of work, particularly HVAC technicians. However, this is often a good opportunity to increase earnings.
  • You will need to constantly keep up with your training as new technology hits the market. Some workers don’t see this as a disadvantage, as it keeps jobs interesting and provides the chance to progress to more advanced work.
  • It can be uncomfortable to work in small, cramped spaces and you will need to be physically strong. However, work is still less uncomfortable than living in a truck for days on end.

Although there are benefits and drawbacks to both trucking and tradesmen jobs, most people will agree that a career in HVAC or welding is a far better choice — tasks are varied and engaging and jobs allows workers to live a normal life. The good news is you can study to become a tradesman in just 25 to 50 weeks. Start your search for a tradesman school in Harlingen.

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