“Unstoppable You” Program

Southern Careers Institute has embraced the philosophies of recognized speaker and educator, Craig Conrad, by integrating “The Unstoppable You” program throughout its seven Texas campus locations. Craig Conrad brings motivation to SCI students through a variety of real life stories and experiences from people who have faced setbacks and road blocks, yet were able to overcome these challenges to become UNSTOPPABLE.

“The Unstoppable You” program challenges SCI students not only to set goals, but also illustrates a simple, effective, and explosive procedure to achieve their goals. The program is based on the fact that success in any area of life does not come easy, but with hard work and determination SCI students have the capability to overcome, grow, be successful, and remain UNSTOPPABLE.

Craig Conrad is the creator of “The Unstoppable You” program which has been presented to over 160,000 students and teachers across the United States. As a 6-time nominee of the “Who’s Who Best Teachers in America”, his 26 year teaching career includes being selected for the Colorado Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education and being the first teacher nationally to receive the Tradition of Excellence Award.

The goal of the “Unstoppable You” program is to introduce students attending Southern Careers Institute to the importance of human relation skills and the critical impact of attitude upon success. It focuses on one of the most important factors for future success being the ability to get along with others. This important skill can be improved by learning from others and instilled by the opportunity to reflect and evaluate our present attitude toward those around us.

By enrolling at Southern Careers Institute, students become part of our extended SCI family. We believe in the future success of all of our students and are committed to ensuring that they graduate from SCI with the skills to be successful and live out the UNSTOPPABLE attitude throughout their lifetime.

“The Unstoppable You” program is offered at the following campus locations.


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