Medical Assistant Jobs

The Type of Medical Assistant Jobs You Can Expect After Graduation

Thoughts of life after graduation can make you feel exited, happy and relieved you finished school. There is also one question about life after graduation that can cause anxiety and fear. What type of medical assistant jobs can you expect after graduation?


You have Great Opportunities Waiting for You

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, or BLS, the need for medical assistants is projected to increase 29 percent from 2012 to 2022. Remember the number and type of job opportunities available to you depends on a lot of factors. For example, what area in Texas you plan to work, your certifications and particular career goals are factors in determining your medical assistant job opportunities. For right now, let’s look at the type of medical assistant opportunities available to you after graduation:


Administrative Medical Assistant

As an administrative medical assistant you’re more involved in the clerical tasks in a medical environment. You answer phones, assists staff in the office and file patient records. Another focus of this type of medical assistant career is performing general billing and accounting.
Although you will mainly focus on the business side of medical assisting, you will work with the public too. For instance, you may greet patients as they enter the doctor’s office.


Clinical Medical Assistant

A clinical medical assistant job duties are similar to the duties of a licensed vocation nurse, or LVN. This career allows you to focus more on patient care than the administrative side of healthcare. You’re usually the first medical professional a patient talks with during their medical appoint. You write down their medical histories and prepare them for any medical examinations.
Depending on where in Texas you work, you’ll probably provide minor medical treatments to patients. You’ll also be responsible for assisting physicians during medical examinations and teach patients about home care.


Specialty Medical Assistant

Maybe while you were studying, you decided you wanted to focus on one area of medical assisting. So you completed externships or earned a certification from the American Association of Medical Assistants. Maybe you have previous medical training that could help you focus a specialty. Whatever the expertise you’re planning to use, you have the following medical assistant job opportunities:

In this specialty, you’ll assist physicians with women’s health procedures like breast examinations, Pap tests and minor surgeries.

You’ll assist doctor’s taking care of patients’ feet. These tasks range from assisting with minor surgery to placing splints.

You’ll help with medical tasks related to the heart like performing stress test procedures.

Chiropractic medical assistants take a more holistic approach to medical treatments. You’ll be responsible for front office duties to assisting with medical treatments like hot and cold therapy.

This career involves caring for the eyes. You’ll assist with diagnostic testing and administering injections in the eye. Patient eye care education and assisting with eye emergencies are some other tasks you’ll do.
As biller and coder, you’re responsible for completing the charge sheets and submitting them for reimbursement to insurance companies. Depending on the job duties, you may be a medical biller, coder or both.


Life after graduation is going to be a major change for the better, and your job opportunities increase dramatically with post-secondary education. Medical assistant jobs are multi-dimensional with a variety of opportunities depending on your certification, job setting and education. Good luck!