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The Road Less Traveled: Medical Assistant Courses Kyle TX

The United States may be a land of opportunity, but that doesn’t mean all parts of the country offer the same options. In a small town like Kyle, Texas, even the most ambitious student may have trouble attaining the necessary education to pursue his or her dreams. It’s important to consider all potential sources of training, whether within Kyle, in the surrounding area, or in other cities, and choose the opportunity with the best career prospects:


Education in Kyle

Kyle is home to only one institution of higher education, the Hays Campus. An extension of the Austin Community College system, the Hays Campus offers classes in a wide range of subjects, including accounting, sign language interpretation, biology, anthropology, Spanish, developmental writing, criminal justice, economics, speech, and various math subjects. Most of these courses are 16 weeks long or shorter, meaning the amount that one could learn from any one of them is limited. As with many community colleges, many of the programs at the Hays Campus are intended for those who wish to continue their education at a four-year university rather than quickly learn skills and start working.

Education opportunities are somewhat less limited in the surrounding county. Hays County, Texas is home to Texas State University, a four-year research university located just 15 minutes away from Kyle by car. The university offers a wide range of academic and vocational majors, including business administration and management, general psychology, general marketing management, and management of parks, recreation, and leisure facilities. Because most of the university’s majors are four-year bachelor’s programs, however, it is not ideal for those who seek to quickly learn vocational skills and then begin working.


The Southern Careers Institute- Medical Assistant Program

Instead of limiting yourself to the opportunities in Kyle and the surrounding county, consider traveling to Austin to take medical assistant courses Kyle TX at the Southern Careers Institute. Designed to prepare students for the changing medical landscape, SCI’s program teaches a wide range of skills for prospective medical assistants, including customer service, electronic health records, Microsoft Word, pharmacology, clinical skills, and blood drawing. Graduates will be able to test for certification as a Registered Medical Assistant, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, Certified EKG Specialist, and four other professional licenses. The Institute also organizes externships to help you gain practical work experience and increase your chances of quickly being hired.

The Southern Careers Institute’s Austin campus is only 20 miles from Kyle. The medical assistant courses Kyle TX last only 39 weeks, and will prepare you for a promising career at the Seton Medical Center, the Central Texas Medical Clinic, the Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center, and other hospitals and clinics in and around Kyle, Texas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified medical assistants earn a median annual wage of $29,370, and the most talented can earn as much as $41,570 per year. Medical assistants will also enjoy significant job security; the number of vacant positions is expected to grow by 29% over the next decade. Thus whether you plan to stay in Kyle or travel elsewhere, taking medical assistant courses Kyle TX at the Southern Careers Institute in Austin is a wise career move.


Training as a medical assistant at the Southern Careers Institute opens the door to a promising career, but medical assistance is by no means the only valuable skill set in Kyle, Texas. Those trained as billing and coding specialists, computer programmers, welders, cosmetologists, or administrative assistants will also find good jobs and the opportunity to make a difference. For more information on possible career paths, visit the Southern Careers Institute today.

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