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The Fastest Path to a Medical Assistant Degree

All things being equal, the more quickly you can earn a medical assistant degree, the better an investment that degree is. All things, however, are rarely equal, so it’s important to consider other factors in tandem with time when choosing between the following schools:

Kaplan College

Kaplan College’s medical assistant degree program is designed to take only 36 weeks. The rate of students who complete on time varies from campus to campus, but is generally quite high. On the Brownsville campus, for example, 79% of students finish within the intended period. This means that if you attend this school, your education is unlikely to be delayed.

What Kaplan College gains in quick graduation rates, however, it loses in job placement rates. According to the accreditor’s calculations, only 65% of graduates are able to find jobs within a year or so of finishing the program; according to the state, only 60% do. Since those who do not find jobs early-on have to invest extra time networking and sending resumes to employers, the school should not be regarded as a quick path to a career. Add to this the fact that most students graduate with a debt of $10,000 or more, and Kaplan’s quick graduation rate does not seem worth it.

Remington College

Remington College’s medical assistant degree program takes 48 weeks to complete, making it one of the slowest programs in the state. The school does not publish the percentage of students who complete the program on time, making it impossible for students to estimate how long the program takes in practice. Remington also does not publish its job placement rates. Add to this its high tuition– nearly $20,000 once fees are included– and it is hardly a promising school.

The Fortis Institute

The Fortis Institute’s medical assistant degree program is designed to take only 36 weeks; it is thus technically tied with Kaplan as one of the quickest programs in the state. However, a dismal 38% of students are able to graduate on time, making it far slower in practice. The school has modest job placement rates: 67% according to the state and 73% according to the accreditor.

The Southern Careers Institute

With an intended completion time of 39 weeks, the Southern Careers Institute’s medical assistant degree program is not quite the fastest in the state, but doesn’t fall short by much. Moreover, 86% of students in the program graduate on time, one of the highest rates in the state. The school also has a high job placement rate: 72% according to the state and a whopping 85% according to the accreditor. Thus if you calculate the overall amount of time it takes to get a job after enrolling in this program, it leaves its competitors in the dust.

Besides the ordinary medical assistant program, the Southern Careers Institute also offers a night program. 78% of night course students finish their degrees on time, and job placement rates are identical to those of the day course. The night program takes 60 weeks to complete, but because it can be more easily incorporated into your work schedule, it is still more practical than the shorter day program for most adults.

If you attend the right school, you can indeed attain a medical assistant degree quite quickly, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right degree for you. To learn more about choosing between medical assistance and other viable careers, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.


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