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The Cost of Medical Assistant Schools, San Antonio TX and Beyond

A medical assistant is a professional who works in a doctor’s office, hospital, or other health facility to assist medical professionals in a variety of tasks, ranging from admitting patients, scheduling appointments, and dealing with insurance forms to organizing medical records, collecting samples, and performing routine laboratory testing.

While many aspects of becoming a medical assistant can be learned on the job, to obtain the necessary education and certification, you need to attend accredited medical assistant schools San Antonio TX. Not only will you learn all aspects of working as a medical assistant, you will also be able to command a higher salary than someone who hasn’t obtained their diploma.

Like everything in life, attending an accredited school costs money. In very general terms, the average cost to receive a medical assistant certificate in a one year program at a community college can range from $2,500 to over $10,000. However, how much it actually costs to study and receive your diploma or certificate varies, based on factors such as the location of the school, the length of the program, and the depth of learning offered. Below are several examples that illustrate the differences among the costs associated with completing education in medical assisting.

If you were to attend Bryant and Stratton College, which has campuses in Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, and New York, your tuition and other fees for a 2 year associate’s degree would cost approximately $33,720 while your books and other supplies would run about $3,200.

To obtain a 35 week undergraduate certificate in medical assisting at Pima Medical Institute that has locations throughout the south west, expect to pay $12,481 for your tuition and fees, while your books and other supplies would set you back approximately $507.

To attend the Southern Careers Institute medical assistant schools San Antonio TX to obtain your 39 week undergraduate certificate, expect your tuition and other fees to run about $18,950, while books and related supplies are listed as having no cost.

Also keep in mind that your tuition will increase if you plan on attending a medical assistant program that is out of state.

When calculating the cost of obtaining a medical assistant education, you need to factor in costs in addition to tuition and books. Consider your housing costs, utilities, food, and other basic living expenses. Some schools require a one-time administration fee for new students. Don’t forget about socializing either – every little bit adds up. Finally, after graduating, you may want to take the Certified Medical Assistant examination, which has a registration fee.

Obtaining a certificate or diploma from medical assistant schools San Antonio TX and beyond will open up the doors to career options and better pay than those who don’t have such an education. But don’t set yourself up for mountains of debt either. Take your time to calculate exactly how much it will cost for you to obtain your medical assistant education, including every possible factor. Save up as much money as possible, look into financial aid and government grants, explore programs with internships, and look into part-time work to help offset costs. Get started on the best financial foot possible and watch your career soar.

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