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Southern Careers Institute: Corpus Christi Texas Campus on the Rise

As you’ve been researching for which college to enroll in, which program or course to pick, and which campus you’d like to attend, you’ve likely found yourself asking what exactly it is that you are looking for. Many colleges and educational institutions treat their programs and classes as a sort of ‘conveyor belt system’ where students are sent in, passed from class to class, and are sent out into the professional world, dazed and confused!

Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi Texas however, treats their students with the attention and support they need to gain the education they want and the guidance they deserve to earn a successful and rewarding career after graduation. No matter which program you choose to attend at Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi Texas you can rest assured that you will receive some of the best careers training the nation has to offer. It’s no wonder then that SCI Corpus Christi is gaining huge popularity across Texas and the United States as one of the leading providers of training and education to students of all ages and backgrounds. Read on to discover some of the many reasons why SCI Corpus Christi is a campus on the rise.


Set right in the seat of the beautiful Coastal Bend of Texas, Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi Texas offers a convenient and central location for students to access all major amenities and services in the Nueces County.

The campus also serves as the perfect place to meet new people, expand your horizons, and continue your learning beyond the classroom with many cultural and educational events happening throughout the year.


With a wide range of courses available, there certainly is something for everyone at Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi Texas. Currently offering students nationally-recognized accreditation in the medical field; Pharmacy Technician, Medical Coding, and Medical Assistant; as well as in business, with Administrative Assistant and Business Accounting programs, students will find the progression from education to employment as painless as it could be!

All students at SCI will receive excellent, up-to-the-minute training, ensuring that graduating students earn a competitive education and hold the skills and knowledge they need to really thrive in the professional world.


One of the major assets Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi Texas offers is its network of expert and supportive staff. You time at SCI Corpus Christi will be shared with educators who truly care about providing for their students and seeing them succeed – not only in the classroom but in the professional world too. The dedication shown by the staff at Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi Texas is second to none.

Offering some exceptional externship opportunities to all students enrolled at SCI, every program provides invaluable hands-on experience. Staff are also ready and willing to assist and support students with their education and training, and continue to provide expert guidance to students as they seek and secure their first jobs.

Have you been considering attending a great college course but don’t know where to start looking? Are you tired of schools and colleges that put profit above students? Do you want to start a new and exciting career in a profession you love or a trade with great job prospects and earning potential? If so, you’ll be glad to know that Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi Texas are waiting to hear from you! With a great range of courses and programs available, focused on student learning and support, you’re sure to find the education you deserve. Click here to see why Southern Careers Institute Corpus Christi Texas is a campus on the rise.

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