A Visual Guide to Medical Assistant Training

A routine appointment with your doctor may seem like a one-on-one visit, but it actually isn’t. You will interact with your doctor and nurse. But it doesn’t end there. There are a number of different people who are involved in the efficient functioning of any health facility, and one of those people is the medical assistant.

In fact, the first person whom you see in your doctor’s office may be the medical assistant.


They check you in, schedule subsequent appointments, answer phones, file insurance forms, and answer questions about the office. Depending on their medical assistant training, they may also administer injections, draw blood, and verify the accuracy of your medical records.


Certified Medical Assistant


Medical Assistant Training

Technically, you do not need formal training to work as a medical assistant. However, to succeed and advance, you should have a combination of both administrative and clinical training to qualify as a medical assistant.


One reason for this is that all medical activities require a high level of responsibility and complexity, therefore obtaining quality medical assistant training should be a top priority.

At the Southern Careers Institute, you can register in a one-year certification program where you will learn a multitude of skills you need to thrive in this exciting field.

One aspect of your education will deal with all things medical. This will include subjects such as human anatomy and physiology, the body systems, pathology, medical terminology, and pharmacology.

Next, you will study the medical procedures that pertain to medical assisting. These include laboratory diagnostic procedures, EKG, venipuncture, and more. Laboratories are well equipped and offer opportunities for you to apply the skills you have learned.

It doesn’t stop there. You will understand the ins and outs of medical front desk procedures, business communication, and superb client service.

What is the best way to evaluate your medical assistant training? Through actual experience. You have the opportunity to practice develop and fine tune your knowledge and skills by taking part in an externship at an approved healthcare facility.

The objective of the medical assistant program at Southern Careers Institute is to train students to acquire relevant skills and demonstrate their competency with the aim to obtain entry-level employment.


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The Next Level

To stand out in a sea of applicants, your first step is to earn your Southern Careers Institute certificate in medical assisting. It is more than just a way of obtaining work as a medical assistant. It can also be the springboard you need to gain further knowledge in the field, specialize in specific areas through acquiring professional certifications, and network with other professionals for opportunities.


Before You Go

Given the nature of the work and the types of tasks that are involved, the health care field is very demanding. But as a profession, medical assisting is complex, diverse, and incredibly rewarding. For many professionals working in the field, medical assisting offers a steady and reputable career path that allows them to give back to their community while providing professional and personal fulfillment.


Consider becoming a medical assistant through Southern Careers Institute or other reputable colleges to achieve your potential and help make a difference one person at a time.

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