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See What Nail Technician Classes In Corpus Christi Texas Don’t Want You To Know


Do you love getting a wonderful manicure and pedicure? You’re not the only one. And because of this relaxing activity, the demand for licensed nail technicians continues to grow.

What does it take to be a successful nail technician? First, you need to enjoy being around people. You also need to love fashion and the artistic. What’s more, you need to be able to understand the biology of hands, skin, and sanitation. If this sounds like you, then you should start researching schools that offer nail technician classes in Corpus Christi Texas.


Nail Technician Programs

To become a licensed nail technician, you need to complete a minimum amount of education and training through nail technician classes in Corpus Christi Texas. At a vocation school like Southern Careers Institute, you can learn the theory of nails while applying that theory through practical experience.

Corpus Specifically, in your nail technician classes in Corpus Christi Texas, you will learn about the general anatomy of nails and skin, conditions and disorders, bacteria affecting nails, tools used in the trade, the chemistry of nail products, plus salon and sanitation safety procedures regulations. You will be taught about the business side too, including customer service, best business practices, and more. Through an externship, you get to practice what you have learned through your nail technician classes in Corpus Christi Texas in a real world setting.

Your accredited program will prepare you to sit for the Texas state licensing exam, which will enable you to start your career as a nail technician.


More Than Meets the Eye 

What if you could learn to become a nail technician…and a hair stylist…and a makeup artist…all in a single program? It is possible, and that is what nail technician programs don’t want you to know.

Cosmetology programs offer all of those topics of learning regarding nail care and fashion. But there’s more. By completing a cosmetology program, you also get to learn the biology of hair, skin, nails; business and client communication; salon procedures; safety guidelines; hair color chemistry; and more.

You will get to learn from qualified supportive instructors in a welcoming and creative environment. You will get hands-on practice to hone your techniques.

You can earn a one year certificate or a two year associate’s degree, and be prepared to pass the state’s required licensing exam. Additionally, you can practice the basics of each area of cosmetology, specialize at any time, become a salon manager, or even open your own business.


The Choice is Yours

Both nail technicians and cosmetologists are professions that are in demand. You can explore your creative side, enjoy working with clients, building strong relationships, all while having flexible hours. However, becoming a nail technician may slot you into a single profession in a niche market, while becoming a cosmetologist gives you options – including working as a nail technician.


There is no one right decision for everyone. Take a look at both nail technician programs and cosmetology certificates, such as the one offered at Southern Careers Institute, to find the education, schedule, and career options that speak to you. Register soon and reap the rewards.

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