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SCITexas.com: A Guide To Our Website

Welcome to SCITexas.com!

Welcome to our web site! It has everything you need to become familiar with Southern Careers Institute. Take a look around and find what you need. A few areas are highlighted below.


Home Page

SCITexas.com is the gateway to all things SCI! In addition to the drop-down menus at the top, you have a LiveChat option at the bottom left-hand corner to communicate on-demand with SCI representatives.

You can obtain more information using the quick form on the left-hand side. And you can follow us on FaceBook and Twitter for the latest updates and current events.



Use this menu to access details about each of the programs that SCI offers. Each program is grouped according to its area of study, such as medical, business, or personal care.

Within each program section, you will get a summary of the program, the topics you will study, skills you will learn, campus where the program is taught, and the professional certifications you would be eligible to receive.

Additionally, you can access program length, tuition costs, and average amount of funding received by students. You can also request more information about each program.

Finally, you can register for workshops and bootcamps – single day or multi-day courses to jump start your learning in a variety of areas, such as CPR, QuickBooks, project management, Six Sigma, and more.



SCI is thrilled to offer programs at different locations throughout the mighty state of Texas. In the Locations section, you can read about each campus, the programs available there, and access location and contact information.


SCI Edge

What makes SCI stand out above the other colleges? You could say it is due to our recognized certifications, or that you earn credentials that our employers recognize and appreciate, or else it could be our ability to connect our students with employers to get started in their careers. Or maybe it is our relaxed, supportive, and tight knit environment.

We call all this the SCI Edge. It’s both the little things and the big things that make us rise above the rest. And when you starts classes here, you’ll be part of it.



The big question – how can you become a part of the SCI family? This section lists our admission requirements, allows you to transfer credits, provides details about military assistance, and even lets you apply online!



SCI aims to help in any way we can. We offer assistance with financial aid, career placement, student IT support, and more.



If you want to know why you should become a pharmacy technician, what the differences are between a nail technician and cosmetologist, or how you can maximize your time in class, check out our blog. It is frequently updated with posts to keep you informed about the workings of SCI.


Work Here

SCI runs smoothly because of the tremendous employees. When we need to fill positions, take a look at our employment opportunities and see if there is a match.


Any Questions?

Want to know the prerequisites for a program? Wondering if you can transfer credits from another college? Needing a copy of your transcript? If you have any questions at all, you can contact SCI using the form at the right-hand side of the screen, the Contact Us link at the bottom of the screen, or from most screens on our site. We’re happy to help.

Your future at SCI can start now. Take a look at SCITexas.com and see what is waiting for you!

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