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SCI Weslaco: Guide To The Harlingen and Pharr Campus’

SCI Weslaco: Guide To The Harlingen and Pharr Campus

Southern Careers Institute is dedicated to providing the best quality education and training to all students. SCI believe that careers training should be available to everyone, and location should not be an obstacle to anyone wishing to receive a quality education and obtain a rewarding and lasting career.

With this in mind, Southern Careers Institute have set up a number of campus within Texas (seven in total) to enable more and more students to receive top-quality education from professional and experienced tutors.

If you’re from Weslaco, or the neighboring areas, you too have the opportunity to get involved in careers training and start out on your personal journey towards achieving a rewarding career in any number of professional fields.

Nestled way down south, Weslaco is conveniently located in between two of the most popular Southern Careers Institute campuses. Prospective SCI Weslaco students are spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which campus to attend! SCI Weslaco students can choose to either head west to attend SCI Pharr, or head east, towards SCI Harlingen.


Heading West: Pharr

SCI Weslaco students choosing to travel west to attend the SCI Pharr campus will have the opportunity to experience some truly memorable times on campus and beyond. SCI Pharr is dedicated to providing students with a supportive system of education and training that will guide students throughout their chosen program and into the jobs market.

Located on the Jackson Road, and just minutes from McAllen, the Southern Careers Institute Pharr campus is also an ideal location for students wishing to maintain employment while receiving their education.

Currently, the Pharr campus of Southern Careers Institute offer students the opportunity to gain training and certification in the following programs; Medical Assistant; Medical Billing and Coding Specialist; Medical Office Specialist; Business Accounting Specialist; and Administrative Assistant.

Pharr is one of the fastest growing counties in the country, so those SCI Weslaco students planning to stay within the county will have access to a great number of job opportunities after graduation in whichever field they have chosen to study.


Heading East: Harlingen

Those SCI Weslaco students choosing to travel east to attend SCI Harlingen will get to experience the beautiful Cameron County, in the Rio Grande Valley. As SCI Harlingen is the most popular choice for those residing in the Valley, you know that you’ll be in good hands if you choose to receive your education here.

The Southern Careers Institute campus in Harlingen is conveniently located right in the heart of Harlingen, meaning that SCI Weslaco students will have access to any number of employment opportunities, entertainments, and recreational activities during their studies.

In addition to those programs offered at SCI Pharr, including Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding Specialist,, Business Accounting Specialist, and Administrative Assistant programs, SCI Weslaco students also have to opportunity to enroll in SCI Harlingen’s certified HVAC or Welding trade programs. As with all Southern Career Institute programs, students at SCI Harlingen will also receive training during an externship, where they will be trained through hands-on experience, guided by expert professionals.

If you’re currently residing in Weslaco and you want to further your education and achieve a lasting and rewarding career, attending a Southern Careers Institute program is definitely a step in the right direction.


There are a number of factors to consider before deciding upon which Southern Careers Institute campus you want to attend, but always keep in mind that this is your choice and whichever decision will make you happy will always be the right one to choose.

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