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SCI -vs- Texas State Technical College: Harlingen

Choosing a career path is an important, and often very difficult, decision to make. Once you’ve decided on a career you’ll then have to decide which college course best suits your career plans. This decision can be even harder to make than the first!

There are a few things you’ll need to consider when deciding upon which college and program to attend. Each factor outlined below should be carefully considered to make sure that you are making the right choice for you.


For many people, one of the most influential and crucial factors when considering enrolling in any particular college is the location of the campus. Finding the right location can mean the difference between enjoying your education and constant travel, stress, and fatigue.

Luckily, both Southern Careers Institute and Texas State Technical College Harlingen offer convenient and central campus locations to all major infrastructure and amenities. Both campuses are also set in beautiful southern Texas landscapes so you can study in the sun!


To prepare yourself for your ideal career you’ll need to pick the right education and training. Choosing to enroll in any program at Southern Careers Institute Harlingen means you’ll be prepared to make a seamless and easy transition from education to employment, or be prepared to continue your education at another college or university.

At SCI Harlingen you have the choice to receive career-focused training in a selection of rewarding professional fields, including Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding Specialist, Business Accounting Specialist, Administrative Assistant, or trade programs in Welding and HVAC. To ensure that you are well prepared with all the necessary skills and training you need to succeed in the professional world, every program at SCI offers students an externship. This opportunity allows students to gain invaluable experience and receive training and guidance by experts in their chosen field.

Texas State Technical College Harlingen also offer a selection of classes and programs designed to prepare students for work in their chosen profession. With both technical and academic programs, Texas State Technical College Harlingen provides students with the skills for successful and lasting employment, or the means to pursue further education with transferable credits to other colleges and university programs and increase employment opportunities even more.


As with many educational courses, there remains a larger concern over costs for tuition and fees. Although receiving an education with either college is significantly more affordable than many other institutions, both Southern Careers Institute and Texas State Technical College Harlingen still offer financial assistance to many students, provided you meet the necessary application requirements.

Texas State Technical College Harlingen offers financial aid to many students and provide varying levels of assistance, depending on individual financial circumstances. Financial aid can be paid throughout your education, at the beginning of each semester.

SCI Harlingen also work to make receiving an education easier to all students by providing a number of financial aid options and grant schemes. Southern Careers Institute currently offer 3 grant payments of $4,000, $4,500, and $7,000, to ensure students have equal and fair educational opportunities.

Deciding which college to go to can be a difficult choice to make. With so many programs, classes, and locations it can seem like there are both too many options to choose and at the same time none that stand out as the perfect fit. If you’re thinking about enrolling in further education in the Rio Grande Valley or Cameron County area we can help. Click here to see a comparison between two of the best colleges in the region, Texas State Technical College Harlingen and Southern Careers Institute Harlingen.

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