Meet Pharmacy Technician Student Cassandra R - SCI Austin

Meet Cassandra R – From Tragedy to Triumph – SCI Spotlight

The beginning of this month we celebrated National Allied Health Professionals Week (Nov 2-9, 2016) and we had the opportunity to sit down at our Austin campus and talk to some of the fantastic medical program students. Some of whom are well on their way to graduating, including Cassandra.

When Cassandra started in our Pharmacy Technician program, she wasn’t in a good place. Her aunt, who she was incredibly close with and who she had been caring for with cancer over the last several months had just passed away. Cassandra realized how much she loved helping people–she had a deep desire to find a career that allowed her to give back. The science behind how drugs interact with each other and the body and the personal attention towards patients ended up being the perfect chemistry for a fulfilling career for Cassandra.

“I just loved the environment!” she exclaimed.

It was not always easy, and there were times in the program that were challenging, especially when having to balance priorities and still aching from the absence of her aunt in her life. But Cassandra persevered, and was even asked to participate as a mentor in the program to help her fellow students.

Her advice to incoming students that are also looking to reinvigorate their career? “Give it all” and know that “you’re not alone.” 

Hear from Cassandra’s program experience–her favorite memory, and what is next for her in life after SCI in our interview at our Austin campus below.

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