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Schools for Accounting: Who’s the Perfect Student?

Have you ever thought of working as an accountant? It’s an excellent career option, pulling in an average salary of nearly $50,000. While you can attend schools for accounting to learn specific skills and knowledge, some personality characteristics lend themselves naturally to a career working with numbers. Before you commit to earning your accounting degree, you should consider what it really takes to succeed in this line of business.


A Knack with Numbers

It’s no secret that accountants deal with numbers–lots of them! Do you have an intrinsic love and affection for numbers? Perhaps math concepts have always come easy for you, or you love solving riddles and story problems dealing with facts and figures. If you would rather solve a two-page equation than write an essay, accounting could be for you.



One wrong number can flub an entire balance sheet. An accountant’s job is to be precisely precise. If you are a bit of a perfectionist and cannot rest unless your checkbook is balanced, you’ll start off on the right track for a successful accounting career.


Prefer Solitude

Most accounting positions involve you, an office, a computer and those numbers previously mentioned. The job of an accountant isn’t typically high-energy or people-oriented. An accountant should naturally like to be alone in a quiet environment.


Communication Skills

Although you’ll spend the majority of your time alone with your numbers, there comes a time for every accountant when she must explain those numbers. It’s important that you can relay information clearly and succinctly to clients or employers.


Computer Skills

Accountants often rely on more than just a calculator. Depending on the company you work for, you’ll be required to know and understand a variety of accounting software. Coursework in an accounting major can expose you to a variety of different accounting programs and teach you how to use them.


Rules and Regulations

There are numerous tax laws and regulations pertaining to your city, state and country of residence. Accountants must keep current with these laws in order to comply. Specific college courses will help you become acquainted with all of these laws, and you’ll also acquire resources to stay up-to-date.


Lifelong Learner

Continuing education is an important component of an accounting career. Tax laws change, technology improves and new computer software is constantly being developed to make your job easier. In order to stay on top of your game, you should always be willing to learn something new.


Advanced Math

Although the foundation of accounting rests upon basic adding and subtracting, it does go deeper. Accountants should be familiar with advanced concepts like fractions and statistics. An inherent understanding of numbers and how they relate to the real world is crucial.


Don’t worry if you don’t possess all of these skills right now. Good schools for accounting will help you acquire all of the necessary skills to become a well-rounded accountant. The most important consideration is whether you can see yourself finding job satisfaction as an accountant.


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