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Reconsidering Beauty Schools In San Marcos Tx

Reconsidering Beauty Schools In San Marcos TX

For the past couple years, the beauty industry has seen some significant shifts in popularity. Throughout Texas, but especially in central and south Texas, there has been a decrease in demand for the services of many cosmetology professionals. It has been suggested that, due to shifting financial priorities, people are taking their beauty needs into their own hands. As a result, the beauty industry is experiencing a decline.

If you have been considering enrolling in one of the many beauty schools in San Marcos TX, you may want to read on to discover exactly what to expect from the jobs market so that you have enough time to reconsider, and perhaps even find another career with promise and a brighter future!

Low Demand

As already mentioned, the beauty industry in Texas has seen a serious decline in demand and customer loyalty. This is due to a number of factors. The most obvious factor, and one that continues to affect many other industries across the U.S., is the fact that people simply don’t have as much money anymore! Many people now believe that cosmetology and professional beauty services are a luxury; an expense that cannot be afforded. Many also report the fact that potential customers now seek beauty advice online (through Youtube, Pinterest and other beauty sites). As a result, the beauty service industry has seen a drop in clientele.

Low Employment Opportunities

Due to the diminished demand for beauty services, employment opportunities within the cosmetology field have also fallen. Recent reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrate the significant decrease in employment opportunities for recent cosmetology graduates since 2014. Whereas there were as many as 1,800 job openings in south and central Texas in 2012, numbers have fallen to 1,000, with central Texas reporting a fall of up 60% in new job opportunities for graduates in 2014.

Although a small increase has been seen within the cosmetology jobs market between 2014-2015, the opportunities available to new graduates are still quite low. Some beauty schools in San Marcos TX have even increased their mandatory training hours in an attempt to produce graduates with more transferable skills, making them both more competitive in the shrinking jobs market as well as earning the ability to find work in other industries.

Career Alternatives

If you have a passion for helping people and want nothing more than to find a career that will allow you to socialize and provide service to many different people, there are still many options available to you.

Training as a Medical Assistant or Pharmacy Technician will provide you with everything you need to find a lasting career in a booming industry. It will also allow you to help others, socialize with many different people day-to-day, and provide you with great career mobility and opportunity. It all comes down to the right training and finding a program that can guarantee job security once you graduate.

If you’re thinking about enrolling in one of the many beauty schools in San Marcos TX, you many want to reconsider. The beauty industry is currently witnessing a decrease in demand and, as a result, it’s becoming harder for new cosmetology graduates to find their first job. Across Texas, more and more people are taking their beauty into their own hands, leaving cosmetology professionals to struggle with falling customer numbers. Instead of entering an industry in decline, you could enroll in a program that can promise a bright future with a lasting and rewarding career. Click here to discover your next career step to a promising future.

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