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Places Hiring Grads of Pharmacy Technician Schools: Austin Edition

In the modern economy, finding a job quickly is crucial. The sooner you land a position, the longer you have to build experience, earn seniority, and otherwise advance toward a more rewarding and lucrative career. Nowhere is this more true than in the pharmacy tech field, where potential pay varies wildly based on experience and skill. In order to quickly get a job, consider applying to:



One of the largest employers of pharmacy technicians in Austin and the surrounding area is CVS, which has a variety of vacant positions. The company is happy to hire anyone over the age of 16 with the necessary licensing. CVS desires pharmacy technicians who understand and will follow to the letter all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This gives those who have attended pharmacy technician schools Austin an advantage, as they will have a better sense of laws specific to the city. CVS also places a premium on customer service, expecting its pharmacy technicians to serve customers in a manner that is courteous, is effective, and reflects well on the company.


The Seton Healthcare Network

Recent graduates of pharmacy technician schools Austin have the option of working part-time at the Seton Healthcare Family of Hospitals, a Roman Catholic health care non-profit that operates several facilities in Austin and the surrounding area. Seton is currently hiring pharmacy technicians forĀ  Dell Children’s Medical Center and for Campus Corner. The technicians will work on rotating shifts, with each technician being on duty for roughly 10 hours per week. Duties will include preparing medications and aiding the pharmacist.


The North Austin Medical Center

Pharmacy technician schools Austin graduates looking for full time or part time work should consider applying to the North Austin Medical Center. The Center needs technicians willing to work mixed shifts, which will range in time from 20 to 32 hours per week; they will mostly be working during the evenings. Main duties include overseeing the inventory of medications, preparing those medications, distributing them to patients, and keeping track of patients’ records. To receive this job, applicants must be fully trained and be willing to attend all meetings, forums, and training exercises at the hospital. They must also take proper health precautions, which include receiving all the required vaccinations.


The PharMerica Corporation

PharMerica is also hiring pharmacy technicians for full time work in its Austin facility. The company needs employees who can perform all the major duties of pharmacy technicians, including filling prescriptions, labeling pharmacy materials and inventory, filing patient information, providing customer service, and answering basic pharmaceutical and logistical questions. All hires must be licensed as pharmacy technicians. Formal education is not required, but the company prefers to hire people with good written and oral communication skills, extensive knowledge, and other skills that one learns at pharmacy tech school.


The Austin Career Fair

Licensed technicians who seek to compare multiple employers should consider attending the Austin Career Fair, where there will be hundreds of representatives from a wide range of companies. The fair will be held on 30 September, and is free to attend; participants need only register ahead of time and bring multiple copies of their resumes. Many who attend are hired right at the event and begin new careers immediately.


As important as it is to find a job quickly, that alone will not guarantee you a successful career in pharmacy tech. The best technicians are those who are trained to serve customers well, memorize lots of information, and manage time well. For more information on learning these skills and getting employed quickly, visit the Southern Careers Institute today.

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