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Phlebotomy Certification: McAllen TX Salary Projections

Do you put people at ease with a simple look, smile or a few words? Maybe you have a natural gift of showing others you care just by speaking kindly and showing a sincere interest in them. If you capitalize on your innate personality traits when choosing a career, you’ll likely be satisfied with your choice.

A phlebotomist is the person responsible for drawing blood in a variety of medical circumstances. Babies need blood tests after birth, doctors order blood tests for a myriad of reasons and health organizations routinely collect blood from donors. If you’re squeamish around needles, phlebotomy is not the career for you! But, if poking and prodding people’s veins doesn’t even make you flinch, then you might consider phlebotomy certification mcallen tx. This important certification can go hand-in-hand with many other health-related jobs.

A pleasant personality takes you far in this delicate profession. It’s no secret that many people fear needles or become nervous when undergoing blood work. A large part of your job as a phlebotomist is putting people at ease and staying calm yourself in a variety of  “bloody” situations.



Phlebotomist training involves learning proper methods of blood extraction while using extreme caution. Working with and around blood requires caution and knowledge of blood borne contaminants and diseases. A phlebotomist must be sure to follow the proper procedures to protect themselves as well as each patient.



Proper certification is also important. In order to become a phlebotomist you must complete a training program offered by The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians or the American Red Cross. Red Cross requirements before enrolling in the certification program include a high school diploma, a background check, updated immunizations, and the ability to pass a reading comprehension test. Upon completion of the program and exam you’ll be awarded a certificate that lasts for the duration of your medical career. However, continuing education is a must as technology continually advances and changes. You’ll need to stay up-to-date on the systems and procedures your facility uses.



Once you earn your phlebotomy certification mcallen tx, you can expect to earn an annual salary somewhere in the range of $20,000 to $38,000, depending on your place of employment. The average phlebotomist salary in Texas is actually 5 percent lower than other phlebotomy jobs across the country. Regardless of the salary, earning a phlebotomy certificate could lead to the lifelong, fulfilling career you’ve always dreamed of.


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