medical billing and coding schools in san antonio tx

Options For Medical Billing and Coding Schools in San Antonio TX


The combination of ever-increasing government regulations and the continued growth of managed health care have seen the paperwork required in treating patients and filing insurance claims increase dramatically. For medical billers and coders, this suggests a field that is on the rise and poised to remain as such. Consequently, medical billers and coders are in high demand in many different types of health care facilities, such as doctors’ offices, nursing homes, hospitals, military agencies, and more.

If you thrive on details, work well under pressure, and want to pursue a career in this industry, consider enrolling in a certificate program for medical billers and coders. Below are simply a few of the medical billing and coding schools in San Antonio TX to consider.


Kaplan College

You will learn a variety of skills to succeed as a medical biller and coder, including medical coding and technology, general office processes and procedures, records management, addressing legal and ethics issues, to name a few.

To help you gain first-hand experience at entry level, you must complete an externship at a selected medical facility in addition to your studies.

The program takes approximately 36 weeks to complete. Day and evening classes are available. At the end of your program, you will be eligible for a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist diploma.


Southern Careers Institute

In this program at one of the medical billing and coding schools in San Antonio TX, you will learn keyboarding skills, office procedures, medical codes, medical insurance billing procedures, applicable computer applications, business communication skills, and more. Instructors are professional and interactive. To gain the necessary experience to work as a medical biller and coder, you will be required to complete an internship, which will help you make connections in this exciting industry.

Regardless of when you complete your program, SCI’s placement counselors will help you with completing your resume, honing your interview skills, and of course, finding work.

After successful completion of your Medical Billing and Coding Specialist undergraduate certificate, you may be eligible for professional certifications, such as Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) and Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA).

Southern Careers Institute offers day and evening schedules, as well as an online program to fit your schedule. Program length is 36 weeks. Of those students that completed the program in 2013-2014, 89% of them finished in that time frame.


Lamson Institute

In their medical billing and coding program, Lamson Institute equips students with the skills they need for various starting positions in the health care field, such as medical biller and coder, medical billing specialist, and more.

Because your classes taught by experienced instructors, you will get to learn and practice medical coding, preparing insurance claims, and analyzing benefits. You will also receive hands-on training to prepare you for the tasks you will actually encounter in medical billing and coding.

The program is estimated to take nine months to complete.


The Bottom Line

All medical billing and coding schools in San Antonio TX have their advantages. Make sure you research every candidate carefully so that you can find the one that will help guarantee your success as a medical biller and coding.

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