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Mission Beauty College vs. Cosmetology School

If you have a passion for helping others feel beautiful, cosmetology is the career for you! As a Texas resident, you’ll have no trouble finding a good cosmetology program. Two of the country’s best cosmetology schools, Mission Beauty College and the Southern Careers Institute, are located in the state. In choosing between these schools, make sure to consider:

Hands-On Training

Both the Southern Careers Institute and Mission Beauty College understand the importance of hands-on education in cosmetology. Both provide their students with ample opportunities to practice their skills on real customers. To this end, Mission separates its training into four phases. Phase I involves teaching cosmetology skills and technology, while during Phase II, students begin providing cosmetology services to clients. During Phases III and IV, they continue attending classes and working with clients while also studying business skills and assembling necessary documentation. The Southern Careers Institute follows a similar system, providing students with basic career skills before giving them gain practical experience at the school’s Southern Star Salons.

Cost of Education

The cost of training varies significantly between Mission Beauty College and the Southern Careers Institute, as well as between different subjects. The total cost of tuition and fees for the Southern Careers Institute’s 50-week Cosmetology Operator program is $18,500. By contrast, training to be a Cosmetology Operator at Mission Beauty College costs $13,285, with tuition, supplies, uniforms, and enrollment fees all taken into account. Lest you conclude that Mission is cheaper, however, it is worth pointing out that the Southern Career Institute includes basic nail and skin care skills in its cosmetology program. Esthetics and nail technologies are separate programs at Mission, costing $7,092.50 and $5,794, respectively.

Gainful Employment

Both schools are committed to doing everything they can to get graduates jobs as soon as possible. Mission Beauty College offers graduates free employment placement services, putting them in contact with spas, beauty salons, and nail salons. If graduates choose to seek jobs elsewhere, Mission will help them generate leads, providing them with valuable statistical and salary information. Because Mission does not publish employment statistics about its graduates, however, it is difficult to estimate how effective these services are.

The Southern Careers Institute’s Job Placement staff assist students in preparing their resumes, learning techniques for interviews, and getting ready for jobs. They maintain close contact with employers, helping students to get their feet in the door. Fully 100% of Cosmetology students who graduate from the Southern Careers Institute are able to find employment in their field. You can thus be confident that the school will deliver on its promise to get you a good job.


The Southern Careers Institute benefits from having two campuses that offer cosmetology training: one in San Antonio and the other in Brownsville. This makes the school accessible to students in both the Rio Grande Valley area and in central Texas. By contrast, Mission Beauty College is located only in Mission, Texas, making it easily accessible to those in much of the Rio Grande Valley area but difficult to reach from other parts of the state.
Mission Beauty College and the Southern Careers Institute both offer effective cosmetology programs, but this is only valuable to you if you’re sure you want to study cosmetology. The modern economy has no shortage of promising career fields, including pharmacy tech, medical billing and coding, business accounting, and commercial welding. To decide which of these fields is right for you, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.


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