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Leslie never considered welding before starting at SCI. She is an artist in Pharr, TX that painted with acrylics and did graphic design, but then she had a friend that thought she’d be great because of her attention to detail.
Did you know women often make awesome welders because of their tendency to have great attention to detail?

We’re proud to have Leslie paving the way for other woman welders.

Happy International Women’s Day 2017 – celebrating gender inclusivity here at Southern Careers Institute everyday.

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Full transcript below:

OK so as everyone knows here, I’m waiting
to hear back from my welding test to see if

I got certified.

I started welding and I was the only girl.

So far I am one of the only girls.

And the guys were super accepting, super cool.

And I don’t know, I guess I grew a love for

All the guys have never been, you know, they’ve
never excluded me from things.

I love that about all of them.

I paint with acrylics.

I try to mess a little bit with graphic design.

I had never ever thought I would be doing

Like I think I mentioned my friend, he’s a
welder himself.

He realized that I’m super duper detailed
and he told me, “Hey I know some girl welders

and they’re usually a little bit better than
the guys ’cause they’re so detailed.

You know, they really pay attention to the
welds and how everything’s forming.

You should try it out.”

So when I came here to SCI…you know I had
browsed different schools.

And he had gone to MCI, but he was like, “Try
SCI” ’cause I guess they offer a better program.

Since the beginning, everything was so…everyone’s
very accepting and you know like, “Hey, how

are you?”

They introduced themselves to me and I felt
very welcomed, so like as soon as I walked

in, I was like, “Hey, maybe this is a place,
you know, to come to.”

I’d say, “just go for it.”

I just got the call right now…I passed.

I’m now a certified welder.

But yeah, I mean, it’s been a crazy journey
but it’s finally here and it’s finally paid

off and it’s…I’m just so happy.

Meet Leslie. Artist in Pharr, TX and Woman Welder (SCI Spotlight).
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Meet Leslie. Artist in Pharr, TX and Woman Welder (SCI Spotlight).
Leslie is an artist in Pharr, TX that paints with acrylics and does graphic design. Find out what welding was like as the only woman in her program at SCI.
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Southern Careers Institute
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