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Medical Billing and Coding: Cost of School is Going Down


The health care field consists of professionals who take care of patients, physically, emotionally, and financially. By creating accurate and complete billing records and coding invoices for reimbursement, medical billers and coders ensure that the business and administrative side of health care does not impede the crucial medical care that patients require or the services that doctors provide.

Specifically, a medical billing and coding specialist provides the following services:

  • Keeping detailed records of the services that the patient received from start to finish. They use a pre-determined system of codes to ensure accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Using the coded details to bill the patient or insurance company properly.

However, there are many different tasks involved in completing the two services listed above. These include:

  • Accurately detailing both the patient’s and insurance company’s information into a software program.
  • Entering appropriate codes for the patient’s medical history, tests, diagnoses, and treatment.
  • Reviewing information to ensure it is complete, clear, and accurate.

This helps ensure that the medical system, as a whole, flows smoothly and efficiently.


Becoming a Medical Biller and Coder

Although it is not strictly required, many employers prefer candidates with a one year certificate in medical billing and coding training, such as the one offered by Southern Careers Institute, or other advanced degree.

This education covers the topics, including medical terminology, medical coding, and business communication, you need to know to excel at the profession.


The Rise and Fall of Tuition Costs

One problem that most students face is the medical billing and coding cost of school. It seems to be more and more expensive to attend college, and with that comes a possible debt load that may hinder your future financial goals.

But is the cost of education rising? If you are wanting to become a medical biller and coder, not necessarily. In fact, the cost of attending school may actually decrease. How is this possible?

First, the medical billing and coding cost of school varies depending on the location of the school, the length of the program, and the depth of teaching. At Southern Careers Institute, for example, their medical billing and coding program takes 36 only weeks to complete with tuition of $16,500. This number includes other fees, books, and other supplies.

By taking their online program, you can avoid commuting costs, and study when and where you want. This offers the convenience of being to work while attending school, thereby needing less debt, if any at all, to obtain your education. Student loans, scholarships, and grants are also available to help alleviate immediate payment.


The End Result

The medical billing and coding cost of school requires funds to pay for the knowledge you receive, but it is worth it. With the availability of day or evening classes, financial aid, as well as online programs, you have a much better chance of affording your certificate in medical billing and coding.


Less debt means more freedom. Consider the financial aspects in your decision to become a medical biller and coder, and take charge of your life.

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