medical assistant programs in corpus christi

Medical Assistant Programs in Corpus Christi Need You!

Medical Assistant Programs in Corpus Christi Want You!

There has never been a better time to look into attending one of the great medical assistant programs in Corpus Christi. The U.S. medical field has been experiencing huge growth over the last few years. People are living longer and are requiring assistance from health care facilities all across the country.

This development is of great benefit to you, the prospective student. Whereas certain colleges actively deny many students to keep exclusivity, many schools and colleges offering medical assistant programs in Corpus Christi are promoting their programs with grant schemes, inclusive acceptance rates, and financial aid options to keep up with demand.

With your certification from one of the medical assistant programs in Corpus Christi, you will have the opportunity to experience this prosperous time. It is not only you that may want to earn certification from one of the medical assistant programs in Corpus Christi, but schools and colleges are also developing ways and means to get students interested in their programs, encouraging more people to attend their medical assistant programs in Corpus Christi.


Southern Careers Institute

Southern Careers Institute understands the fear and intimidation many prospective students feel over the financial strain of obtaining further education. With that in mind, Southern Careers Institute have developed a grant scheme that encourages students to commit to their course and eventually earn a rewarding and promising career as a medical assistant after graduation.

The grant scheme is a three-tiered program that evaluates need and provides financial aid to match. The ‘Back to School’ grant is available to all students enrolling during the first September term and offers a $3,000 grant.

The second tier, is ‘Needs Based’, and offers up to $4,500. It is available to those qualifying students in need of financial aid and is dependent on the SCI program being attended.

SCI offer up to $7,000 through their ‘DREAM Act’ grant scheme. This grant is available to DREAM Act recipients also enrolling during the September term.

There are a limited number of grants available, so if you’re interested, be sure to lodge your application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The application can be submitted online here.


South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute have made it their priority to inform all students of the financial aid programs available to them. As STVT is a vocational institute, students enrolling here have the opportunity to apply for any number of grants, bursaries, scholarships, and loan programs.

Many colleges assume students will apply for financial aid on their own, but STVT promote a dedicated staff network to assist students search out and apply for a number of state, local, and private financial assistance programs.


Kaplan College

Kaplan College pride themselves on their network of military-friendly programs and financial schemes. Kaplan College understand the complications and difficulties involved in balancing family, work, duty, and education, and so they have set to work making the whole process of obtaining an education easier for military students. Eligible students must fall under one of the following categories to receive financial aid from Kaplan College; active duty personnel; military spouse; veteran; and in some cases, those dependent on active duty personnel and veterans.

To allow those currently in the military or recent veterans to progress from active duty to full-time employment through their Medical Assistant Diploma program, Kaplan College offer military students a number of financial aid options including reduced tuition rates ranging from partial to full coverage, depending on individual circumstances. Many Kaplan College military students are also eligible for the Hazelwood Exemption fund.

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