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Even if you have a passion for a certain career, it may not be right for you if you can’t handle the work environment. Before you decide to study medical assistance, get a sense of what it is like to work as a medical assistant Austin TX. Work environments vary wildly by company, but you can get a strong sense by examining the following major employers:

CommUnityCare Health Centers

Located throughout Austin, these health centers hire medical assistants for full-time work. The employees must be able to switch between a wide range of tasks, including taking patient health information, verifying insurance coverage, administering patients’ medications, coordinating health center staff, and preparing lab tests. A medical assistant must have strong writing and communication skills to relay information between caregivers. He or she must also interact positively with all customers, regardless of the situation.

The Visiting Physicians Association of Texas

The Visiting Physicians Association, or VPA, coordinates physicians who provide home health care, geriatric care, and other services. The VPA needs medical assistants to accompany and support those physicians and to provide valuable medical services on their own. This job requires the ordinary medical assistant Austin TX duties, such as measuring patients’ medical information, taking tests, performing basic medical procedures, and coordinating records and caregiver communication. In addition, medical assistants in this job will serve as chauffeurs, driving physicians around and keeping their vehicles in good condition. This job requires medical assistants to invest large amounts of time and develop a close relationship with accompanying physicians.

Austin Cancer Centers

With four locations throughout Austin, the Austin Cancer Centers has large staffing needs, and thus needs medical assistants who can work full time consistently. The Nurse Lead supervises all medical assistants and other support staff. The Centers lists a wide range of functions that medical assistants must be able to perform well and in tandem. These include performing or assisting with medical examinations, preparing patients for treatment and exams, recording patients’ medical histories, vital signs, and self reports, and disposing of hazardous medical waste. Medical assistants at the Austin Cancer Centers must all work as a team, coordinating their efforts toward the good of the patients. They must also show a caring, positive attitude toward patients.

Seton Healthcare Network

The Seton Healthcare Network has 20 care facilities spread all over Austin, and thus must maintain a large supply of medical assistants to keep all of these centers staffed. Medical assistants have to work full time according to their facility’s schedule. Assistants with 2 or more years of experience may be eligible to become supervisors and thus perform many of the same duties with increased authority and responsibility.

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic

This facility needs full-time medical assistants who can develop close relationships with patients throughout their time receiving care. Medical assistants will greet patients as soon as they enter the clinic, escort them to their rooms, and follow up with them on any other important information. This job involves a constant increase in skills. After they have been working for a year, medical assistants will begin to receiving training in rudimentary nursing techniques, allowing them to take over higher-level caregivers’ duties on days when the clinic is short on staff.

Work as a medical assistant Austin TX is not easy, but through proper training and preparation, you can easily build a rewarding career. For more information about medical assistance and other career fields, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.


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