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Louisiana Tech University: 6 Reasons to Do Your Homework Before Attending

Attending Louisiana Tech University is no simple task. Click here to find out how to become prepared.

Attending college requires a great deal of planning, from time management skills to money matters. College is very different from high school; for instance, you’ll have a much larger workload, you’ll need to use your research skills for independent study, and you may be living away from home, which means you’ll need to start handling every aspect of your life alone. To deal with these new challenges, there are several reasons why you need to do your homework.

1. You’ll Need to Take Standardized Tests

You’ll need to take either the SAT or ACT. The SAT lasts 3 hours 45 minutes, testing your abilities in writing, critical reading, and math through mainly multiple-choice questions. The ACT, on the other hand, measures your knowledge of English, reading, mathematics, and science in 2 hours 55 minutes of multiple-choice questions.

2. Applying for School Is a Big Deal

Next, you’ll need to send your college application. This involves filling out forms, paying fees, and requesting letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, and counselors. The most formidable aspect of this process is the application letter. Use your letter to describe what makes you unique, detail your accomplishments, and explain why you are an ideal student for the school.

Be aware of deadlines for the application process and send your paperwork well in advance to ensure that you are noticed. Louisiana Tech University only accepts 67 percent of applicants, making it a moderately selective school. A good and early application is essential.

3. You’ll Need to Improve Your Reading Skills

Get used to reading by spending a couple hours a day with material you enjoy, be it books, magazines, or online articles. This will help you develop good habits for school, when you should continue to read in your own time for at least 30 minutes per day.

4. You May Need Academic Support

There will be times at college when you struggle to keep up. Know in advance where to seek support for your classes and find out what other resources and services Louisiana Tech University offers that could benefit you.

5. You Need to Know How to Budget

To attend school for four years, you’ll need to learn to use your money wisely. Learn how to manage your finances for daily expenditures and to meet academic goals while having enough spare for emergencies. Budgeting involves determining how you spend you money, finding ways to reduce expenses, and setting up a savings account to cover unexpected events and to support your long-term goals, such as paying for college debt.

6. You May Need Student Aid

If paying for college on your own proves difficult, sign up for student aid. The process begins with a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which will determine your eligibility for federal grants, scholarships, and loans. Should this prove to be insufficient for covering your needs, research scholarships. Although you can apply for as many as you like, bear in mind that this may take many hours.

There is another way to gain all the benefits of staying in education without the stress that comes with applying for a college like Louisiana Tech University. Attend a school like SCI and you will have access to a simple, fast-paced learning system that allows you to graduate and find employment quickly.

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