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Jobs in Harlingen TX: How to Grow Your Income


Whether you are looking to boost your income, attempting a new career, find a second job, or returning to the workforce after an absence, there are many reasons why you may need jobs in Harlingen TX. While taking minimum wage jobs in Harlingen TX is certainly one way to do this, a more pragmatic and financially positive route to take is enrolling in a certificate program at a vocational college such as Southern Careers Institute.

Certificate programs in Harlingen TX offer a variety of study areas in different growth industries. For example, if you enjoy the healthcare industry, consider medical coding and billing. You will learn medical codes, insurance billing, computer software, business communication skills, and more.

If you prefer working with your hands outside of an office, HVAC certification might be for you. Learning how to install, maintain, and repair both air conditioners and ventilation systems, understanding green technology and EPA regulations, and providing stellar customer service means that you will be in high demand.

If you are more of the analytical type, look into training for a business accounting specialist. You will learn the fundamentals of payroll and taxes, accounting principles, business processes, and more. You can use your certificate as a stepping stone for a Certified Professional Bookkeeper, Intuit QuickBooks Certification, among other certifications.

Maybe you are concerned with the cost of such an education. Many vocational schools offer accelerated courses so that you can jump start your income growth in as little as a year, with the possibility of adding to your new skill set when it is convenient for you.

What’s more, some schools offer both day and evening programs so that you can still work and attend your program at the same time. If transportation is an issue, many accredited programs, such as medical billing and coding, are offered online so that you can choose the pace of your education given the parameters of your situation.


Selecting a Program

To make sure that an education program will help you obtain more lucrative jobs in Harlingen TX and thereby increase your income, you need to select your program carefully. First, make sure that the program is offered at a time that fits your schedule in case you need to work and study at the same time.

Next, see if paid internships are available within your area of interest. Not only will you be able to learn on the job and gain valuable experience, but you will also be able to earn a small income.

Additionally, research the rate of completion for graduates. This should include the percentage of students who completed the program, and the percentage of students who completed the program within the recommended time frame. This helps demonstrate the legitimacy of the program.

What’s more, you should verify the employment statistics for new graduates. You want to know that the likelihood of gaining work in your new field, while never a given, is quite high.

And lastly, you should double check the tuition fees and other costs to enroll in and complete the program. If wanting to increase your income, you don’t want to be saddled with more debt than you need.


A Last Note

If your budget or mindset demands that you increase your income and possibly even change fields, consider short-term specialized certificate programs. They can be quick, convenient, and affordable ways to land stable and well-paying jobs in Harlingen TX.

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