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Is There A Southern Careers Institute Near Me

With rising costs for college tuition, books, and other expenses, many college students are choosing to forego on-campus life and commute to school from their houses. Even those who are willing to live on campus still often desire to attend a school near their hometown in order to be closer to their friends, family, loved ones, and employers. When deciding whether to attend the Southern Careers Institute, many prospective students sensibly ask, “is the Southern Careers Institute near me?” If you live in Texas, the answer to this question is almost certainly “yes,” and even if you don’t, the Institute may not be as far away as you think. The Southern Careers Institute has campuses in the following locations:


Austin, Texas

The Institute’s central campus is located at 2301 South Congress Avenue, Suite 27, in Austin. Many of the students at this campus are from Austin, but a sizable number also come from other parts of Texas, including Sebastian, Jourdanton, and Killeen. There is also a large number of students who come from out of state.


Brownsville, Texas

This campus can be found at 935 North Expressway in Brownsville. A large number of students at this campus come from Indiana, Puerto Rico, and other areas outside of Texas, while others come from San Benito and other towns in Texas. There is also a large number of students who are themselves from Brownsville.


Corpus Christi, Texas

Located at 2422 Airline Road in Corpus Christi, Texas, this campus accepts a large number of students from Roy Miller High School and other schools within the Corpus Christi system. Other students come from as far away as Tucson, Arizona, Windber, Pennsylvania, and Guayanabo, Puerto Rico, while still others come from various cities in Texas.


Harlingen, Texas

This campus is located at 1122 Morgan Boulevard in Harlingen, Texas. Many of the students are also from Harlingen, but others come from other parts of the state, including Lamesa, San Benito, and Los Fresnos. Still others come from other states.


Pharr, Texas

This campus can be found at 1500 North Jackson Road in Pharr, Texas. Though many of the students already called Pharr their home before attending the Southern Careers Institute, others had not yet lived there before. In-state students come from Houston, McAllen, Dallas, Mission, and other cities, while out-of-state students come from all over the country.


San Antonio (North), Texas

The Southern Careers Institute’s northern campus in San Antonio is located at 6963 North West Loop 410. The city of San Antonio is itself large enough to provide a substantial number of students, but other students come from other parts of Texas and other states, including as far away as Detroit and Cleveland.


San Antonio (South), Texas

San Antonio is too large a city for only one campus, so the Southern Careers Institute has another one at 238 Southwest Military Drive, Street 101, in the southern part of the city. The student body’s makeup is similar to that of the north campus.


The World Wide Web

Technically, when you ask the question, “is the Southern Careers Institute near me,” the answer is always “yes.” Thanks to the Institute’s online education program, you can take classes from anywhere in the world.


Asking the question “is the Southern Careers Institute near me?” is a good first step, but it hardly determines whether you should go there. As with choosing any school, it’s important to consider the programs available, the reviews and accomplishments of other students, and all costs and available financing options. For detailed information on all of these factors, visit the Southern Careers Institute‘s website today.

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