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HVAC Schools in San Antonio Texas: 5 Tactics for Following Up on Job Applications When You’re Done

HVAC employers often receive numerous resumes for every job opening. To ensure that you receive the attention you deserve, you need to follow up after you submit your own job application. To send your resume to the top of the pile, use our strategy for students at HVAC school San Antonio.

After Submitting Your Application


1. Be Patient

The first stage of the job application process is the most difficult — it involves waiting patiently. If you start contacting employers too soon, you run the risk of being seen as annoying and ruin any chances you had of forming a favorable opinion. Remember that companies often only start reviewing applications several weeks after asking for resumes.

The worst thing you can do in the early stages is call to schedule an interview. If employers believe that you are a suitable candidate for the job, they will get to you.


2. Make Initial Contact

After about a week of submitting your application, you can make contact with the employer. One short email (never multiple emails) is the best approach. Make sure that you clearly communicate your name and ask for the status of your application. To prevent your email being left unread, use a specific subject line.


After Your Interview


3. Send a Thank-You

On the day of the interview, it is courteous to follow up with a thank-you note. Simply express your gratitude for the chance at a position, ask if there is anything else the employer needs from you, and find out (if you haven’t already) when you can expect a response about the position.

Many employers appreciate receiving a handwritten note; others, however, find this tactic annoying. Unless you know the employer’s preference, it’s best to avoid the snail mail approach and send an email — after all, HVAC is a technology-based field and you need to demonstrate willingness to use computers.


4. Note Down Observations and Questions

To improve your followup strategy, try to remember as much as possible about the interview. This is particularly important if you meet with several employers, as it’s easy to confuse companies. Jot down the name of the person who interviewed you, the questions you answered, and other important information.


5. Make a Final Followup

After exceeding the time you expected a reply about the position, contact the employer again, either through a phone call or an email. Use your notes to remind the employer about positive points from the interview and to ask if there is a problem with any areas where the interviewer seemed concerned.


The best way to secure an interview is by studying at an accredited HVAC school San Antonio. Look for programs that lead to some of the top HVAC certifications and provide students with job support after graduation.

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