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How Valuable is A University of Brownsville Education?

There has never been a better time to further your education and earn accreditation in a professional field. With more employers expecting job applicants to have gone through some form of further education, you will discover that your accreditation and training will be an invaluable asset to your working life.

Choosing the right school or college is an important factor in what you will be able to accomplish after graduation. Enrollment in a school or college like University of Brownsville will be a winning choice if you’re ready to start your future on the right foot.

Offering a number of excellent degree programs, including law, language, business, and everything in between, University of Brownsville is sure to have the right program for you. University of Brownsville is also dedicated to providing students with quality education that will lead them into successful and gainful employment.

Graduation Requirements

In order to meet the requirements needed to graduate from UTB, students enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program must complete 120-124 semester credit hours. This can be done through full-or part-time scheduling. Just remember, if you choose to earn your degree part-time, the length of time required to graduate will be longer than if you choose full-time participation.

In addition to the required 120-124 semester credit hours, graduates must also complete a minimum of 36 advanced hours, and maintain a 2.00 GPA or higher (Business BBA majors require a 2.500 GPA to graduate).

Your Other Options

Many people cannot find the time or financial resources to enroll in one of the 4 year degree programs offered by University of Brownsville. Instead, students may prefer to attend a college that can offer full accreditation within 1 to 2 years of study. This is the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to get into the jobs market as quickly as possible, and with the right training, skills, and accreditation needed to really thrive in the professional world and increase their earning potential.

If this sounds more like your kind of education, Southern Careers Institute is the perfect alternative to UTB. Southern Careers Institute is dedicated to providing engaging and supportive career-oriented programs. SCI ensure that graduates are prepared and trained to step into the professional world with confidence and the dedication needed to make the most out of their training and their employment opportunities. Successful graduates from all SCI programs must score at least a 70% on their GPA scale.

One of the major benefits of enrolling in a program at SCI rather than UTB is that SCI holds smaller class numbers, meaning that your education, training, and career preparation will be completed with the direct presence and support of a member of Southern Career Institute’s dedicated members of staff. With SCI, you also have the choice to study full- or part-time, meaning that you’ll always be in control of your education and schedules.

As with many things in life, there will always be options available to you if you’re not happy with the direction you’re headed. If you are looking into enrolling in a reputable school or college but you’re not sure if University of Brownsville is the right fit for you, remember that you have the power to decide your future – and that starts with deciding which school is the best choice for you.

Enrolling in further education is one of the best choices you can make. Earning accreditation will increase your job opportunities, boost your earning potential, and really makes you stand out from the crowd. Click here to see what it takes to earn the future you deserve with University of Brownsville.

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