Pharmacy Technician in San Antonio

How to Identify a Poor Quality Pharmacy Technician School in San Antonio TX

The decision to improve your life by attending trade school or community college is an excellent choice. You’ll learn a specific trade in a fairly short amount of time and be on your way into the workforce holding a promising future. Pharmacy technician school in San Antonio TX should prepare you with all of the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a pharmaceutical business. A good school will provide you with knowledgeable instructors, valuable hands-on training, career counseling and more. Don’t be fooled by colleges with cute promotions or eye-catching ads. Watch for these red flags:


Lack of Hands-On Training

Read course descriptions carefully to determine the amount of hands-on training required of students. Many of the skills required by pharmacy technicians, like preparing prescriptions, must be practiced in a real-world environment before your first day on the job. Learning and practicing skills during college also ensures that once you get a job you can focus on the ins and outs of the business that employs you rather than the basics of the profession. It’s important to find a college that offers courses with practical learning built-in.


Absence of Internships

An internship gives you invaluable job experience that can often lead to a real job. Many students meet valuable business contacts through an internship, or even end up with a paid job within the same company. A good pharmacy technician school in San Antonio TX will offer internship opportunities during your last semester. If it doesn’t, it’s time to look at other college options.


No Essential Courses

Take a close look at the course listings to determine if the school offers the essential courses necessary to becoming a pharmacy tech. A good pharmacy tech program will include courses like pharmacology, compounding, drug safety, anatomy and physiology and medical terminology. If these courses aren’t even on the list, your training won’t be legitimate.


Professional Certificates Not Available

Upon completion of any pharmacy tech program, you’ll likely have the opportunity to sit for a professional exam that will prove your education to potential employers. Requirements vary by state, however, the nationally recognized Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE), is a common test that should be offered by the school to help you get a job at any pharmacy. If the school doesn’t offer any opportunities to earn certification, it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere.


Inexperienced Instructors

If possible, check the biographies of the instructors in the pharmacy tech program. You’ll want knowledgeable people who have worked, or still do work, in the pharmaceutical or a related industry. The best teachers have worked as a pharmacy tech themselves at some point in their career.

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