how much does a medical coder make in san antonio

How Much Does A Medical Coder Make In San Antonio?

Medical Billing and Coding: An Overview

Medical billers and coders play a crucial part in the information sector of the healthcare industry. They organize, manage, and maintain health and patient data by ensuring its accuracy, confidentiality, security, and accessibility both in paper and electronic forms. They use various classification systems first to code and then categorize patient and procedure details for insurance reimbursement purposes and to preserve patients’ medical histories. Note that the exact nature of their work may change based on the size and type of the business.

Medical billers and coders can work in any location that addresses patient needs, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and more.

How Much Does a Medical Coder Make in San Antonio?

Before entering into any field, a great question you need to ask yourself is: how much can I make in this occupation? This can help you determine if you want to fund your education and if you can make enough to pay for your expenses, save for retirement, and still have fun.

How much does a medical coder make in San Antonio? According to the United States Bureau of Labor, the median yearly wage for medical billers and coders in the country, and others who manage health information, was just under $36,000 for May 2014. The lowest 10% earned less than $24,000 while the upper 10% earned almost $60,000. Reasons that can affect salary include the number of years working as a medical biller and coder, those with multiple certifications and additional relevant education, the numbers of hours worked per year, and cost of living for that geographic area.

How much can a medical biller and coder earn in San Antonio? On average, they earn almost $30,000, which matches the great lower cost of living for the city.

Where to Get Your Training

There are many schools across Texas that offer medical billing and coding training. If you are looking specifically for your education in San Antonio, consider Southern Careers Institute (SCI). Not only do they offer such training at both their San Antonio North and South campuses, but they also offer an online mode of study for convenience and flexibility.

The aim of SCI’s medical billing and coding program is to ensure that students receive stellar training to obtain entry-level employment as medical billers and coders. They will be taught skills including data collection, diagnostic and procedural coding, completing and submitting insurance claims, understanding and updating insurance rules and regulations, and following up on insurance claims when needed. Additionally, students also will be shown strategies in finding employment in this growing field.

Specifically, courses in the program include word processing, communication, medical billing, medical coding, medical law and ethics, and medical practice management. Students will use software for creating documents, maintaining databases, and processing insurance claims.

Full-time students typically complete the program between 36 and 51 weeks.

It’s Time to Act

If you have been debating about a new career in healthcare, medical billing and coding may be just the thing. How much does a medical coder make in San Antonio? With a growing future and a stable income, you can get the get the education you need and possibly find work in less than a year! Call SCI now and get started today.

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