Tech Schools in Corpus Christi TX

How Choosing From Tech Schools in Corpus Christi TX Could Impact You Forever

It has been the long time standard of our culture to receive a traditional college education. Regarded as the first real accomplishment in a young adult’s life, proving that they can take on professional responsibility. Major employers and society uphold the four year degree as the primary qualifier for acceptance into the white collar work force. Yet, the crippling reality is that an undergraduate four year degree no longer upholds its value. According to, the average published tuition and fee price for in-state students enrolled full time at public four-year colleges and universities over four years is $36,556 not including book and housing. The New York Times reported this year that according to a new report from Complete College America, a nonprofit group based in Indianapolis. At most public universities, only 19 percent of full-time students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years. Even at state flagship universities, selective, research-intensive institutions — only 36 percent of full-time students complete their bachelor’s degree on time. The data states that for every year a student attends school, they can incur upwards of $10,000 in debt and miss out on potential income that they can receive as part of the workforce. More and more, experts and individuals alike are realizing the value of education from tech schools in corpus christi tx and beyond.


As an ambassador and proponent of post-secondary education, it would serve me well to motivate you, the reader, to jump feet first and begin your college education. The truth is I do! But I urge you as I have guided many students, to understand why you desire the education and training. Seek to define how you are going to use it in the future.


The truth is as a millennial graduate you are facing employers that no longer regard just your diploma or degree. They regard your skill set, career competencies, and job readiness. Key employers in the top five fastest growing industries in US (#5 Mining, #4 Professional and Business Services, #3 Educational Services, #2 Construction and Renovation, #1 Health Care – desire to hire an employee that is ready to perform and contribute to their organization. Jill Schwieters, president of Pinstripe Healthcare, a healthcare recruitment firm, says there are four key traits that are particularly important for employees to possess in a patient-centric and value-based culture: resourcefulness, collaborative ability, critical thinking, and relative technology savviness.


So ask yourself a few questions, do you currently possess the career competencies required for you to become employed in your desired field? If you don’t, what type of education or training is required of you to master these competencies required by employers? Which college or training institute provides the quickest and most affordable path to help you earn these skill sets? Finally, does this college or Institute equip you to become career ready at the time of graduation?
In conclusion, don’t purse a college education or career training with a false sense of security. As a college graduate you are not guaranteed a job. Make an informed decision, based on the potential value for your future. Seek the guidance of institutes that help you build a career road map. Then choose a training program that helps you learn and master the necessary career competencies. Many colleges and institutes now offer career services that connect you with employers and allow you to become career ready. The value in those services is much greater than the name of the college or its prestige.

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