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Going to a University of Cosmetology? Arts and Sciences You’ll Learn…

If you have a flair for the artistic, maybe a career in the arts is for you. However, if you have a penchant for the molecular, then maybe the sciences is the better choice. But what if you could combine both the arts and sciences, have you considered cosmetology school?

Being a cosmetologist, you’ll be on the cutting edge, so to speak, of the latest trends, styles, and techniques in hair cutting, coloring, and consulting. You will also learn about make-up design and application, and nail care. Even more, you will understand the finer points of scheduling appointments, exceeding clients’ expectations, and addressing customer issues. But working as a cosmetologist isn’t just about hair, nails, and make-up. There is also a science component to your work. Below are some of the arts and science aspects you will learn when studying at the University of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.


Arts Focus

  • Hair cutting and design: You will need to learn the basics – shampooing, cutting, and styling for both men and women. You will learn styling techniques including permanents, hair relaxing, braiding, barbering, wig application, and more. You should also receive instruction about hair design theory, hair cleaning, updos, and more.
  • Makeup design: At the University of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, You will learn how to prepare makeup, apply it professionally and for specialized situations such as the stage, clinical, and costuming. You will learn the latest trends as well as the subtlest techniques to highlight features or hide blemishes.


Science Focus

  • Basic safety and sanitation: In all areas of cosmetology, proper hygiene and sanitation must be followed to ensure the safety of clients and cosmetologists alike. You will learn the correct techniques for using, cleaning, and sterilizing the tools of the trade, how to maintain work stations appropriately, as well as the state laws and regulations concerning sanitation.
  • Hair basics: Hair is more than just styling or trends. You will become familiar with the anatomy and physiology of hair, scalp conditions and related treatments, and proper equipment operation. You will also be well versed in hair coloring and the chemical applications in different techniques. Finally, you must become highly knowledgeable with and follow directions for proper use of chemicals as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and understand any precautions or warnings and how they can affect hair.
  • Nail care: Cosmetology classes in nail care cover the basics of manicures and pedicures. In addition to shaping and contouring nails, you should about basic skin anatomy, nail growth, diseases and other nail conditions, removal of unwanted or blemished skin, proper sterilization of tools, nail product storage and usage.
  • Skin care: You will learn about skin anatomy and health, skin conditioning, and controlling and treating skin conditions. You will understand the basics of nutrition and how it relates to skin, how to massage, wax, and tweeze, and suggest healing strategies.


Your Educational Options

You can learn both the arts and the science of cosmetology at the University of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, Southern Careers Institute, and other educational facilities. Examine all prospects before enrolling, and enjoy an exciting new career in fashion and artistry today!

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