Going the distance – A CDL Grad Hits the Road for the Mongol Rally

Kuro Tawil isn’t just a CDL driver, he’s a juggler, too.

He runs a socially conscious startup out of Austin, TX, shoots photos and videos, and is also has his CDL license as a graduate of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator program out of SCI San Antonio North campus. And now, he has a new adventure that he is putting his driving skills to good use. The Mongol Rally is a 10,000 mile journey across Europe and Asia that is particularly dangerous, especially with the vehicle they will be subjecting to harsh weather and road conditions. Kuro and his team will have little more on his trek than a 2002 Nissan Micra that meets the rally engine requirement of a 1000cc engine; a GoPro camera; and a goal of getting to the end of it with a good story for a great cause.
“We are going to be raising money for sexual assault awareness and rehabilitation charities here in the United States. ” He states in a blog post written when he first signed up in October 2016. “This is an issue that is personally near and dear to my heart, and there are some great organizations that will be benefiting from money we are able to raise.” Read on about his road skills, career advice and #LifeAfterSCI.

“There is great value, in taking great risk for the greater good.” – Kuro Tawil


Kuro behind the wheel

Introduce yourself!

I’m Kuro Tawil, I run a socially conscious startup called Kuros in Austin, Texas.

How did you get involved with the Mongol Rally, and what was your motivation?

I learned about the Rally from a friend and made it a goal – I love driving, and it is billed as the greatest driving adventure on earth so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to put the skills [I learned from] Jeff Miller [my instructor] & the SCI CDL program to the test!

What campus did you graduate from and when?

[SCI San Antonio North] on Northwest Loop 410 in 2016.

How has your life changed after SCI?

The skills I learned during my time at the Southern Careers Institute’s CDL program translate over to the post-academic life. These aren’t just theories that you’re learning in a class room, they are everyday skills that can be applied outside of school and even work. 

What advice would you have for future students here?

Southern Careers Institute offers so many extras with your tuition–be sure to take advantage of these perks during your time at school! When you’re done with classes at Southern Career Institute, you have much more than just a degree–you have an tangible skill. [This is] something that you take with you beyond the walls of a classroom, and [that you] can use for the rest of your life.

What advice would you have for students and graduates looking for jobs?

Really take advantage of Southern Careers Institute’s awesome Career Services staff. They go above and beyond in helping graduates get placed, and even still regularly check up on me to see how things are going.

Want to follow along on Kuro and Team Fighting Chance’s Mongol Rally race in real-time? Check out his live updates on the road here.


Ready to rumble – Team Fighting Chance’s Mongol Rally-mobile

You can find out more about Kuro’s startup on his website, read more about his journey on HuffPo, and follow him on Facebook here.

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