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Education Options in the Alamo City: Barber College Edition

If you have a passion for hair and would love to learn how to style, cut, and dye, barber college in Alamo City could be a good option for you. You will learn all you need to know to begin a career as a barber and even start your own business one day. Here are the top choices in San Antonio.


Alamo City Barber College

The Class A Barber Program from Alamo City Barber College takes around 9 months to complete and costs $17,650, including tuition, a tool kit, your application fee, and your registration fee. The school accepts GI Bill Benefits, MyCAA, and financial aid through the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), enabling students to receive up to $3,800 in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program. After graduating, you will take two licensing exams, which will allow you to work in Texas, and Alamo City Barber College will then connect you with local establishments to help you find work.


Gloria’s Barber College

At Gloria’s Barber College, you can take a 1,500-hour barber/stylist course for $9,000 (including tuition, tool kit, books, and uniform). Plus, the school recently became approved to train veterans under the GI Bill. Students receive training in: shampooing, hair cutting, blow drying, styling, shaving, perms, curling, hair color, shop management, and hazardous substances. At the end of the program, you will be prepared for the TDLR examination and will possess the educational skills and knowledge to work as a barber.


Acapulco Barber College

Acapulco Barber College prepares students for a career in professional barbering using textbooks, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training. Tuition costs $6,000, plus you will pay $500 to register, $165 in books, $800 in tools and smocks, a student permit fee of $35. No financial aid is available, but you can pay around $550 monthly.

The nine-month course consists of daily classes from Tuesday through Saturday.  You will learn both practical application and theory, including the history of barbering, anatomy, physiology, sterilization, bacteriology, health and safety, cutting, styling, hair design, chemical waves and straightening, laws and regulations, ethics, best practices, insurance, accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes. On completion of 1,500 hours, you will receive a diploma in barbering.


All of the above are good options, but there is an even better solution: cosmetology school. By taking a program in cosmetology, you will learn everything there is to know about beauty, receiving training on hair, nails, skin, and makeup. This means you can provide all the services you could as a barber plus many more, opening up greater job opportunities and leading to more diverse, interesting work after graduation. Check out cosmetology schools in San Antonio as well as barber colleges before deciding what would be right for you.

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