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Don’t Join a Certified Nursing Assistant Program, Austin!

Thinking about becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA)? The hours of a CNA can be grueling and not conducive to your family’s schedule. It requires a lot of training, internship experience, passing state certification exams, and earning continuing education credits throughout your career. If that sounds like a bit much for you, it’s time to reconsider. There is an easier way to a promising, fulfilling career in the healthcare field.

Disadvantages of Becoming a CNA

  • Long hours
  • Shift schedule that changes each month and sometimes includes midnights
  • Physically demanding work
  • Emotionally demanding work
  • Low pay
  • High burnout rates
  • Few opportunities for advancement without further education

Other Options in Healthcare

The good news is there are plenty of other careers within the healthcare field that allow you to work with patients or assist other healthcare professionals. Perhaps you would rather spend your time on the business side of the healthcare industry. If so, a career as a medical office specialist or a medical billing and coding specialist could be a better fit for you.

Medical Office Specialist

A medical office specialist essentially runs the front office of a variety of medical institutions. You would be responsible for answering phones, scheduling appointments, greeting patients, filing patient information, and so much more. The training to become a medical office specialist includes courses in:

  • Medical charting
  • Patient Care
  • Office Administration
  • Insurance Processing
  • Electronic Health Records

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

If you prefer to work with numbers, you might find fulfillment as a medical billing and coding specialist. Billing and coding specialists act as the liaison between patients, insurance companies and doctors. Your job would be to code doctors’ diagnoses, submit claims to insurance companies, answer patient questions regarding billing and inquire about unpaid bills. The coursework to obtain certification includes:

  • Patient Care
  • Charting
  • Office Administration
  • ICD 9 & 10

Medical Assistant

Working as a medical assistant provides a lot of the same experiences you would have as a CNA, without all the drawbacks. Medical assistants get the satisfaction of helping patients and assisting doctors and nurses. Essentially, you become a “jack of all trades” that can readily assist as needed, whether you’re drawing blood for lab work or simply scheduling an appointment. Training includes courses in:

  • Phlebotomy
  • EKG Monitoring
  • Patient Care
  • Professional Communication
  • Office Administration
  • Clinical Skills
  • Pharmacology

When you’re considering your future, remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to include a certified nursing assistant program austin. You could spend a lot less time and money in school by becoming a different sort of health professional. Your horizons then become a little broader with opportunities to work from home as a medical billing and coding specialist, or in a variety of medical offices and hospitals as a medical assistant or office specialist.


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