cosmetology schools in corpus christi

Cosmetology Schools in Corpus Christi and What Certifications Are Available

Landing a job in cosmetology is all down to experience, and the best way to demonstrate your expertise right after you graduate is to gain the relevant qualifications. You will need a cosmetology license to work in Corpus Christi, but if you gain additional certifications, employers will see that your skills extend far beyond the basic. Cosmetology schools in Corpus Christi may prepare you to take examinations for some of the following certifications.


Cosmetology Operator License

To practice cosmetology in Texas, you need to pass the Cosmetology Operator License exam, demonstrating that you have a good knowledge of all aspects of beauty, and train for 1,500 hours. This will allow you to work in all areas of cosmetology, including hair, nails, skin care, and makeup.


Sassoon ABC

The ABC Colouring certification shows that you have the expertise to select dyes according to color chart theory, clients’ skin tone, and other factors. It also demonstrates that you are able to apply color using total, partial, and combination techniques to add dimension to cuts. This is essential knowledge that all cosmetologists working with hair need to have before they can move to more advanced work.


Sassoon ABC Cutting

If you study at a school that teaches the Sassoon cutting technique, you will be able to take an examination to gain the ABC Cutting certification, a great complement to the ABC Colouring certification. Use your qualification to show potential employers that you possess the technical skills to create any haircut.


The Salon and Spa Professional

Training toward the Nuts and Bolts certification: Salon and Spa Professional is an excellent way to prepare for work in a management position in a salon or spa. You will learn all the business practices needed to succeed in the cosmetology industry, including financial literacy, money management, how to rise to the top, and how to be successful on the job. Your instructor will also teach you how to find and secure the job you want, including resume writing tips and interview tactics.


Cosmetology Instructor License

Those who already have experience in cosmetology can teach others by receiving a instructor license. If you already have your cosmetology operator license, you just need to train for 750 hours or gain one year of work experience and train for 500 hours to be eligible for the instructor license exam.


You will have the best shot of finding a job when you leave school by becoming as qualified and knowledgeable as possible. When looking at cosmetology schools in Corpus Christi, consider only those that offer preparation for licensure and preferably lead students to at least some other certifications.