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When You Should Consider a Vocational Education

What is a Vocational Education?

Universities. Colleges. Vocational schools. There are plenty of options for post-secondary education, but it can be difficult to know the type of school you should attend. However, if you want hands-on and skills-based training designed to give you practical, real-world proficiency in a specific field, then a vocational school such as Southern Careers Institute may be the choice for you.

A vocational school is an excellent option for students who want to fast-track into a high demand field, such as pharmacy technician or medical biller, often in less than a year. Vocational training is also a great solution for adult students who want to change fields or advance in their current career. What’s more, you have the option of enrolling in an online vocational school that offers an education to fit into most schedules conveniently.

When Should You Consider a Vocational Education?

The structure of a vocational education is different from that of a university. Below are five aspects that could suggest when a vocational school might be right for you:

  1. A career in hand: You know the career you want and you just need the training to get there. Vocational schools offer a direct line to a wide range of careers what you want to do with the ability to earn a diploma or even a degree depending on your program.
  2. Demand for specialized careers: Because it prepares you for a specific career, vocational colleges such as Southern Careers Institute build strong relationships with professionals in those industries. The reason is twofold: it helps the college understand the latest skills and technologies required in their curriculum that will help their students to succeed, and it helps students connect with those employers so that they can find employment in their field soon after graduation.
  3. Flexibility: Particularly with their online offerings, vocational schools offer the flexibility for students to take the courses they want without interfering with their current schedule. What’s more, it allows those students who do not live near a physical campus to study for a new career. Better yet, with an online vocational school, you still have access to the resources, instructors, material, and externships as you would receive if attending in person.
  4. Hands-on training: The beauty of a vocational school is its mix of classroom training and its supervised externships with employers in a real-world setting. You get to apply your knowledge while learning from people who already work in your intended field, even when attending an online vocational school.
  5. Speed: While some university and college programs can take multiple years to complete, your vocational education is designed to help you gain entry-level employment fast. In fact, some programs can be completed in less than a year with the option of taking additional courses to enhance your learning when you want. Not only does this get you into the workforce faster, it also means less student debt.

A Career the SCI Way

When you want the skills and knowledge that will make you attractive to employers, consider a vocational school such as Southern Careers Institute. With an efficient learning schedule, hands-on training, online options, and job placement assistance, you can be on your way to a new career today.


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